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Fat Old Man Shrinking


@DBasler :

I have the regular straps & they’re working well. No need to mail any, but THANKS for offering!!!

Dead Lifts: Currently trying to do Romanian Dead Lift. Would you think regular dead lift should be done as well, or when I get to moving “ok” weight with RDL’s, replace them with regular, OR just go to regular DL altogether? Right now I’m thinking maybe it’d be best to just go for it with DL period & forget RDL for now.

Yep, light weight to start! If I injure myself, that’d wreck any progress I’ve made thus far…

With dips in the routine, would you add flat bench movements, or replace the dips with them?

Also, do you think the bench movements should be before or after dips?

One arm dumbbell flat bench sounds challenging. Will try them tomorrow and gauge how they hit pecs for me. I’d read an article here that indicated flat bench movements wouldn’t help chest development as much as dips & incline stuff, so that’s why I’m not currently using them.

A major goal for me is to have the man “chest cleavage.” That is the one aesthetic thing I care about more than anything else. But, if flat bench needs to be part of my routine I’m happy to add it, whether dumbbells, barbell, one handed. Regular barbell BP isn’t something I’m able to do much of right now for lack of a spotter.

Feel like I’ve sorted out what will work best for me to move towards my goals over the next 6 weeks. But, if flat bench movements will assist that…

Finnebars – thanks for the tip. My stomach is like an iron tank, but…

Decided to eat oats (old fashioned) along with the protein drinks in order to get some carbs (& fiber). Will only use a little real cow butter in them, no sugar or anything, maybe a little cinnamon.

Frequent training does work well for me. I have an abundant amount of time here….

The plan right now is 6 days/week, for 3 push/pull splits per week over a six week period, then evaluating again. I figure “tweaking” the workouts to work towards the goals I set will require me to be on a steady routine for 4-6 weeks.

Meanwhile, if the flat bench movements are best to incorporate, then I’ll add one – probably one-handed dumbbell, because I don’t trust myself with barbell w/o a spotter, even at a light weight.

Am not intentionally being Over-Cautious, but DO need to be somewhat cautious until this old body starts responding & gets into a better condition.

Thank you very much for taking the time to review what I’m doing and giving your input, as well as for offering the straps!!




I would go with conventional dl’s. Once you get them down you can either add RDL’s as assistance work or try them on their own for a training cycle.

One flat bench movement added should be enough. I do all of my bench movements prior to dips. Triceps are usually the weakest link when benching so there is no need to fatigue them with dips prior to doing bench work.


Ok got it!

Am editing my excel sheet for the routine this week now :slight_smile:



I’m just catching up here. First off good work all around. Second, DAMN THAT IS AN IMPRESSIVE SCAR!!!



And Ha! WHICH scar?! The hand, back or abdomen? They near dug a damn ditch in my back over the course of 4 surgeries, then there’s a generator implanted on one side of my abdomen, a pain pump on the other….

Of course my hand is FUBAR scarred up too. I’m used to it, but sometimes when I shake someone’s hand it throws them off, especially guys. Women have little hands anyway and don’t seem to notice much.

In any case, thanks! I’m a little proud of my “battle scars.” Wish they hadn’t happened, but….I am still moving on ) Thank God for lifting straps!

Have a good one!



Trust me, It’s the back scar.


Good Morning Ya All!

Will be to the gym after a bit, but for now am “grouping” myself, & thought I’d spill some verbal vomit here!

Although sleep WAS happening the past several days, the past two were FUBAR lol. Day before yesterday was up at 0401, then didn’t crash until 0330 yesterday morning, woke around noon, then was up till about 0500 today, crashed till 0900.

Anyone here struggle to sleep, even during training? “struggle” for me just means I don’t friggin’ get sleepy, & if I do, my body nearly has to shut down on me before I crash.

Melatonin wss working - probably ought to start it again!

A good thing is that I’m eating a bit more. Mostly oatmeal & red meat more, but regardless, more than just protein shakes. Have to admit, I feel better/stronger with the calories in me. Gee whiz, makes sense eh?!

Aight, well, have to go pick up my pistol belt and one of my wife’s many boots that is in a repair place. Like I said, just felt like “yapping,” and you are unsuspecting victims of that shit!

Will post the workout after completion. Will be doing one arm DB flat bench today. Hoping it hits well & that it will remain in the program. Hell, maybe I’ll keep it regardless.

To warmup the pecs this time, I’m going to add a ton of weight to the assisted dips & do a few sets of 15, but I mean like all but 30lbs of my body weight, just to get the movement. After press work, will do them with a lot less offset weight to destroy any chest/tri muscle that remains.

Wish me luck!


BEGIN: 1041
END: 1123

Here we go:

DB Flat Bench, 1 handed: 15/12, 20/10, 30/10, 45/8
DB Incl Flies: 15/10, 25/10, 30/7
DB OH Press: 15/10, 15/8
Dips (assisted (bodyweight approx 225)): 210/15, 180/10, 150/10, 135/8
Leg Press, Seated: 156/12, 180/10, 204/10, 226/8
Leg Ext: 70/10, 100/10, 120/8, 150/8
Fly Machine: 50/8

The 1 hand, DB Flat Bench was interesting. Balance was a LITTLE challenging. Should be able to increase weight once I get used to it.
DB OH Press - Are the dips fatiguing my delts too much to get any weight with these? Seems every time I I do delts, they don’t want to move any weight. May ought to change something there.
The assisted dips felt GREAT! Feel like my pecs were hit thoroughly, and already mentioned delts.
Seated Leg Press - ok, I like doing more reps. Should I increase the starting weight and do fewer?
Leg Extensions - ?? They feel like they hit the front part of my quads well. As previously stated here, I’ve no desire to grow these.
Fly machine - Did that to make sure pecs were finished off. They were.

42 mins today, approx 12 mins longer than usual. I feel it’s about right, but AM concerned the delts aren’t getting enough work. However, I do assume the bench movements at least hit the front of them.
Didn’t feel isolated triceps work was needed & skipped rope presses.

That’s it for this one ya all!

Have a great day :slight_smile:


Yeah, the back one. I thought we could have a scar contest and post pictures of our best ones, but you already have us beat.


Ha! But that isn’t all of them :stuck_out_tongue:
I’ll spare ya all the rest…


if it involves you being naked thanks for the consideration! :wink:


Ha yeh no doubt! That shit would ruin a camera to start with :wink:

Reminds me though, when my abs are visible some day, the stupid neurostim implant AND pain pump will be even more visible than they are now. Tooooo bad! Maybe that just means instead of 6 pack, I’ll have a few extra.


Did SOME deadlifts today (95x10, 115x8). Need a LOT of work. Stopped before finishing the second set because something in my lumbar area felt like it was pulling (not strain, pull).
Switched to machines. The silver lining in that cloud was two big ole fellas doing deads with heavier weights, and one was willing to instruct me.
Tomorrow is a “push” day, so since I’m clear on HOW to DL now, will do them Thursday.

One thing I’ve not quite figured out is the best way to put plates on for this move. Saw a rack thing in a video that tilts over and puts a loaded bar on the floor, and that looks like a great thing, Need to figure out the best way at MY gym.
Managed somehow to do lighter weights/higher reps today. Just went with it. No sense giving up, and I’d rather do that than a substandard heavy workout so at least the muscles are properly fatigued.

Did a TON of pull downs, both wide grip and reverse. Think I totaled around 120 reps on the reverse. For some reason it just seemed the way to go this time. Will get that shit straight Thursday.

Nutrition is making a noticeable difference- I know, “Imagine that”- but the energy increase is substantial as hoped.

Lost my damn log for today. It may be hiding from shame? Will post today’s session if/when it shows up.
Did alright with curls. Preacher curls were: 40x10, 60x8, 30x12. Then concentration curls at 10lb, 2x10. Granted that’s light, but by St George the biceps did feel them!
Got I think a total of 45 reps on seated rows too, and a few sets of pull-ups.
That’s all I can remember…

Later ya all!

                    **19JAN2017**   (In: 0835 / Out: 0910)

DB OH Press 20/10, 25/10, 35/4
DB INCL Press 25/10, 35/8, 45/5
DIPS (w/assist weight) 195/10, 165/10, 135/8
LEG PRESS, SEATED 156/10, 180/10, 204/8, 238/6

Hi ya all.

Changes DB OH Press weight up by 20lbs, reps by 6
DB Incl Press: ea set up by 5lbs, total reps up by 1
Dips: Assist weight decreased on starting set, Fewer total reps, but they sure as hell felt like they hit the muscles better.
Seated Leg Press: Weight up by 22lbs, Reps total decrease by 6

DB OH Press went to movement one because I didn’t feel like delts were being hit hard enough. MAY have been able to do more on incl DB press had it been in that starting spot.

Yesterday & the night before, my stupid hand pain was severe, probably due to weather fronts moving in and out of the area, so I took yesterday off since Tuesday was the “pull” part of my push/pull thing & I did not feel trying to workout would do anything other than put my butt to an ER for pain, and that right there is a nightmarish thing when one has chronic pain.
They are very hesitant to treat that & usually refuse, even when it’s severe “breakthrough” pain. Toooo many folks out there who abuse opiate pain meds. I have a “pain management” doctor who manages the medtronics morphine pump, so ER’s would typically tell me to go see him “first chance” & they “can’t” do anything.
Like I said, it’s a nightmare to deal with ER’s in my situation, so I avoid them as much as possible. Even the doctors at the Air Force Base refuse treatment. Last time I was there, the Colonel in charge told me, “I’m going to give you a shot this time, but I can not do it again.” Now this was a friggin full bird colonel, in command of the section, and HE was worried about the paperwork he has to do for this flagging him as dosing too much stuff. If you’re a veteran, you realize how FUBAR it is for a colonel like that to be worried about his decisions, especially in a hospital setting where HE is in command.

That said, taking yesterday off seemed the best thing to do in order to avoid missing yet more sessions later when the pain would’ve gotten so bad that being inpatient would’ve been required…

Thankfully, today it had decreased from 8+/10 to approx 4.5/10. That is just enough that I don’t constantly fret and bitch about it all day, so today’s workout happened :slight_smile:

It strikes me that, as a 47 y/o dude with medical issues, this is just the right forum to post stuff & get sensible, relevant advice.

Today’s session I view as progress. If you have any thoughts on that, or the routine itself, please say so!



FINALLY found the lever thing to put plates on for deadlifts!
Didn’t exceed 135lbs, but am pretty sure I’ve the form correct now.

Today, mental energy was there. Physical, not so much.
Kept it simple, knocked out what I could.
Sleep last night was not good, maybe 3 hrs total, and took ibuprofen pm late. Between the two, that’s probably why the body wasn’t performing.
NOT MAKING EXCUSES!! – simply evaluating relevant factors.

I can see now how deadlifts will work the body tremendously well! Definitely a keeper!!! Will keep doing them, adding weight, etc and next thing ya know, we’ll be all strong & stuff :slight_smile:

Here’s today’s session:

Start: 1200HRS
*****Warmup: hack squat - 45’sX8
DL: 95/8 (ok), 95/8 (grip strain),
(Put straps on) 135/8. 135x7,

Pull-ups (assisted): 185/10

Pulldowns (rev/close): 70/10

Cable rows (changed attachment handle): 84/10, 60/15, 36/20

Hammer Curl: 20/8
Ez Curl :30/8, 30/9
End: 1234HRS

The main thing is that I got to the gym & did SOMETHING. And I figured out loading the bar & practiced form on DL.

Am thinking taking the weekend off may be a good idea but I don’t wanna!
Whattya think?
Would almost rather use 5lbs on everything than not go, but am thinking that’d be stubborn, bordering on stupid!

That’d be it

Ya all have a great weekend!


Hey ya all!

This is the last of 3 off days.

Definitely had enough rest, both physically and mentally, and am ready to get back to it in the morning!

In reviewing deadlift stuff here at t-nation, I saw an article about trap-bar deadlifts.
Seems it would be better for me, due to implanted stuff in my back.
When doing traditional DL last week, there was a pull in the lower back, and I realized a few days later that the spot is exactly where the catheter tube of my pain pump turns to go up my spinal column.
So perhaps I need to be more careful & use the trap bar for these to avoid issues.

The thing has to be swapped out later this year. That’ll cost me probably 2 weeks of training time & that’s bad enough. Don’t want to screw things up and be out for months!

Tomorrow is chest/delts/triceps/quads.

Haven’t been doing much flat bench stuff, and am tossing around the idea of doing regular and narrow grip this time to get a feel for how I am at it nowadays.

The incline stuff feels real good, but I suspect that right now my body would respond to about anything. Am guessing that it’s probably the equivalent of someone who has never lifted at all…

Also saw some stuff about maintaining tension with lighter weights causing the same hypertrophy as heavier ones, and more.
Can’t decide if, for now, it may be a good idea to work with slower, more focused reps than to be too concerned with adding weight.

Mr Ego would prefer to add weight as quickly as possible, but Mr Practical/Reasonable thinks maybe lighter weight, more focus, and slower reps might be the way to go.

Regardless of that choice, I think I have the movements I wanna do at this stage figured out:

Incline Presses
OH Presses
Trap Bar DL
Front Squat
Pull Ups
Leg Press (?)
Leg Extensions
EZ Curls
Triceps Press
OR, a mix of these with other similiar movements as I go, depending on how it feels.

I’m not a powerlifter and don’t desire to be. Just want to be strong and improve the physique.

One great thing was that my wife complimented my stomach last evening. That was worth everything I’ve ever done to this point!

Aside from caring about what looks back at me in the mirror, taking care of me is paramount to taking care of her, and is therefore the number 1 priority.

If ya all have any comments about the exercises I’ve settled on, or anything else at all, please do post them :slight_smile:



Where did you go?


I am here. Where’d YOU go!


Latest Workout:
Asst Dips: 20/15
Flat DB press: 30/15, 40/10, 45/8, 50/6
Military DB Press: 25/15, 30/12, 35/10, 35/8
DB Raise: 30/15
Triceps Rope Press: 40/20, 60/12, 80:6, 50/15, 40/20
Asst Dips: 32

Ok so I get quads next time. Am doing 7 days/week to avoid taking off two days in a row because I’m a weak ass who can’t take one off without it turning into 2-3. Say wat ya please but a split w/2 heavy, 2 light, 1 “accessory (for me)”, Repeat.

An on second week!

Hey, even with this wuss weight it’s a hell of a lot better than 2 months ago, and frigging phenomenal compared to 2 years ago :confused:
I notice chest presses at all angles have improved since I started the assisted dip thing. Go figure :stuck_out_tongue:

Takes about 35 mins/day, Diet is still what I call “clean”, though I don’t know detailed numbers. About 150-200g protein from red meat, 2-3 bowls (1.5 cup/ea) oatmeal, and not much else.
I feel stronger, better, and by St George I think I am seeing a bit of growth. Us “newbs” can do that for a bit …

Wait! Monday I used a t-bar support deal to do very light (15lb?) DB laterals. About 25 reps did the trick. Yes ONE friggin set. Had already done shldr presses & wanted to finish off delts - 25 reps fatigued them completely.

And, I tried regular flat bench for the first time since years. Didn’t do well: 95/10, 135/5, 95/7. Got off the bench and took my old ass across the room & switched to dumbbells. Seems I can probably work up to man size weight on barbell BP better that way. Hope so because even the tiny ego I have departed after that shit.

Take 'er easy ya all!


I completely understand. Plus keeps things flowing.