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Fat Old Man Shrinking


I do indeed have an opinion on that subject (whether it’s worth listening to is subject to debate). I was an enthusiastic proponent of aggressive/explosive KB swings as a conditioning movement–that is, until I popped a hammie in the middle of a set. I learned the hard way–unless one has been training in this manner for years, age and explosive movements don’t mix.

As an aside, I think @twojarslave’s focus on fundamental movements–squat, hinge, vertical and horizontal pushing and pulling–is a very sound basis for a function- and aesthetics-promoting exercise regimen.


Awesome, thanks for the suggestions!

Methinks tomorrow cable rows to start, along with t-bar rows after. Lunges I’ll put in Thursday. Saw a type of those in a video where one bends forward at the end & it builds something up real well.

As for kettle bells, will have to research whether we have any. And most of the other stuff I’ll have to look up the “how to.”

You have no idea how much I value the help but thanks again!!



Congrats on your progress, great stuff. I’ll have to read the rest of your posts, I’ve been AWOL around here.

But I went through the V-Diet back in August. I psyched myself up for about 2 weeks, it was hard in some ways and easy in others. IDK, give it some more thought, there are many ways to skin a cat, it might not be the best option for you at this time. Also, really one has to make the shakes fresh, protein powder tends to get a bit well smelly. It was great for me as I have challenges getting enough protein and this was so easy to get that in, I’m starting to add some more shakes back into my life. 28 days was good enough to learn some lessons.

Even before reading, I could tell you were ex-military by your Week 1 pic, that ‘stare’ said it all. :smile:


Edited routine for today to include goblet squats & seated cable row. Replaced a delt movement. Now if I can just locate the stuff I need to use there. Have never seen such a huge conglomeration of equipment, barbells, racks, dumbbells, etc.!! Place is enormous!

Friggin’ sleep pattern seems to be modified and includes around 7 hrs per night. Odd for me but ok, that’s when muscle builds right?

A LITTLE soreness this morning, but not such that it will deter working out! Lactose is responsible correct? How do I fix it if it becomes an issue?

Energy level is still quite high. Ain’t bitchin’, but it seems that with my age it wouldn’t be like this. Not completely revved up like it was caffeine or anything, nor am I shaky, but would’ve thought that after 9 workouts in 10 days I’d be a LITTLE tired at least.

The “Dan John” videos are of help. Dude makes great sense for us “not so youthful” people! That’s what led me to try goblet squats today. Also want to add some sort of carries. Would like to use dumbbells overhead for those, but may have to do them at home vs. the gym. Don’t know…

Also am wondering if/when I’ll move to deadlfts. I’d assume 9nasty word) that even with a lighter weight, say the bar plus quarters, it’d be beneficial as hell. Thoughts?
Probably a good idea to start that light anyway until I get used to it and have the form correct…
Will need to use the straps or grip things for anything over 135 lbs I’d think. Do NOT want to get this hand so fired up it makes me useless (again)!!

Why is my mind ALWAYS in the gym? Constantly thinking about how to workout better, and nutrition, etc. This brain is HYPER-analytical, probably because I was an EE & actually did electrician type work along with it. Every damn thing has to be reduced from however many possibilities to a simple on/off type choice. EVERY thing…drives my wife nuts that I do this shit out loud too. Tells me “some thoughts you really ought to keep in your head” LOLOL.

An aside:
There’s this iPhone game I play called “Alto” where you control a skiier going down a slope, do tricks like flips & jumps, and while you’re skiing, you “catch” these friggin llamas going down the slope who are constantly running away. When I play it, she was always asking “Are your llamas running away honey?”

The other day, I get a text from her asking WTH I’d ordered from Amazon, that she got a delivery notice. I hadn’t ordered anything so figured it was her’s. She aggravated me about it via messages till I gave up & went to the patio to retrieve this mystery package.
Open it up & there’s a little stuffed Llama (she named him “Flopsy”) with a gift note saying something to the effect of “Here’s a llama that won’t run away from my baby” LOL What a goof! The girl is a hot mess!
Reminds me, I am taking her to work in a few so GTG. It returns a total of 25 mins/day to me that she’d spend driving alone…plus I know she got there ok, and when she actually gets out. Easier to friggin’ breathe this way, plus it ain’t like I have anything else pressing to do!

Thank ya all for the wonderful input again. I sincerely appreciate your help!!


LOL, that obvious eh? I’ll have to work on that stare!
Correction though :slight_smile: Not EX-military, RETIRED military. I’ll always be a soldier regardless of the silly, grab-ass civilians I have to be around now LOLOL (see movie, "Full Metal Jacket, & “Animal Mother” - that’s about how I think most of the time!)


For deadlifts, look up Romanian Deadlifts. It isn’t really a “dead” lift because each rep doesn’t start with a dead stop. It does train the same hip hinge movement pattern though.

This is one case where you might be able to get away with a barbell, but these can be done with dumbbells too.


K found a video demo. Looks simple enough
Reckon it’s ok to add these to teacup squats or do them instead? I’d think it’d be ok to add, but…

Today happens to be “pull” so it includes back & hamstrings anyway. Maybe adding these at a light weight will finish things off well for me. When I start them, I think barbell will suit keeping the spine straight better than DB’s…

Need more movements anyway cuz my sessions aren’t lasting long enough, or exhausting enough to make me feel like they did what the desired work :confused:

We’ll get there and they’ll end up being the more desirable 70-90 mins vs the current 40…

Thank you, I’m glad I looked at the vid & can try adding this to my arsenal. Hams have typically challenged me, and the other muscles involved with RDL’s could use the work as well

By the time I incorporate al the awesome suggestions from this forum I may end up I shape…

Ooh Rah!!


I don’t know what a teacup squat is, but you can probably add romanian deadlifts to them without issue at your stage.

Regarding length of session, more is not always best. It depends on your goals and what your body responds to. If you are of the crossfit mindset, you need to be smoked every time you step into the gym. Some days are like that for me, but not all of the time. My lifting sessions have rarely gone for more than one hour even when I was doing full-body training. Today they are usually around 45 min doing a 4 day upper-lower split.

Yesterday I benched, working up to a heavy single, then did two all-out dropsets. Then I did some rows and then a cable circuit consisting of face pulls, tricep pushdowns and curls. 45 minutes including changing clothes and a little shooting of the shit.

I think you’re at a good stage to just worry about moving your body well and figuring out what you can do without unexpected pain. Keep working, keep moving, keep learning and pretty soon a lot of this stuff will fall right into place.

Eventually you’ll want to move on to a structured program, but you don’t need to optimize everything right now. Getting off your ass and into the gym is optimization enough, if you ask me.

Have you considered hiring a trainer? I know they can be pretty hit-and-miss, but with your injury history it might be good to have a trained eye on you as you get your wings.


Your post workout soreness will eventually subside. It reappears after lengthy layoffs.

Deadlifts from pins are easier. The barbell is above floor level, a bit below knees. Strong guys here do them besides regular deads. Straps are a personal choice. I use them for heavy deads.

Use the “stare” to your advantage, especially in gym. It works.

I think lifting consistency is the best single thing you can do. Keep posting.


Teacup squat: hold DB under chin, palms up, squat forcing elbows outside of knees at bottom.

Hiring a trainer may indeed be a good move…will have to research that in this area.

Today was interesting. Will post the workout later as I left the log in my car :frowning:

Burned out after doing lats: Cable pulldown behind neck, then reverse grip to sternum, t-bar, & cable rows. Tried working delts after that, but could not do much, so went light and did as many reps as I could…

Just getting my ass to the gym and doing SOMETHING has to be good…the movement forms and heavier weights will follow soon enough I’d imagine.

RDL’s - was going to do those, but forgot that’s next time. Did leg extensions to warm the legs a little, then prone ham curls.
]I’m telling ya, after lats my body didn’t want to cooperate!

Methinks tomorrow will be an off day. Seems my muscles need the rest, whether “I” do or not lol. This is good, no?

The friggin’ cable rows felt awesome, as did the pulldowns to sternum (dunno what ya call those). Found a better seat to row on, and a closer grip handle, and went as far as I could push.

Although the actual weights I’m using aren’t big, the muscle fatigue is. This seems good…

Didn’t have adequate nutrition this morning & ithad to have a negative effect. Drank a cup of coffee & one of those damn classic coffee cakes from 'bucks. Probably ought to set alarms to remember to eat. Just never hungry it seems. This is likely due to the “survival only” type eating I did to drop weight. Time to create & stick to a meal plan of some sort.
Wait, the length of today’s session was 32min. Just won’t worry about it for now.

Thank ya all again for the input . Totally appreciate it!

@twojarslave: Your workout sounds pretty intense! I don’t think I’m a crossfit type, and don’t really even know what crossfit is, but saw on here that it’s less than optimal?



I think you misunderstood me. I don’t do Crossfit. I don’t have an opinion on Crossfit other than I don’t think it is a good choice for me. What I do can best be described as simply “lifting weights”.

The point I was getting at is that you don’t need to kill yourself every single day in the gym. You can get a lot done in 3 hours per week if you spread it out over 3 or 4 days. If you want to work out for 60-90 minutes per day, have at it. Just know that putting that kind of time in is not necessary for progress to be made.


Ok understand. Thx for clarifying:)


Calm it down … best advice I can give is keep it simple at this point.


Yup, I understand that but…
After 25 years of injury, and 15 of them having me sooo down physically, emotionally and even mentally at times, having the ability to even walk 50’ without losing my breath AND training with anything physical, is exhilarating beyond my vicabulary to explain :slight_smile:

Add to that a very analytical mind, more time than money, and we arrive at my reality lol

Think how my poor lady feels! SHE has to live with my silly ass and can’t move to another post!

Haven’t grabbed the log from today yet. May wait till tomorrow. Am nearly embarrassed by most of it. Ego sure doesn’t like it.

I did contact management at my gym and they set me up with a trainer at no cost.
Very nice. Told them I need my firm looked at and any input they have on the program I’m doing.

The guy I’ll be working with is very muscular and seems to be qualified. That’ll be Friday.
Dang old body is insisting on an off day :confused:

Researched Crissfit in this area. Didn’t even finish the video. No way in hell my hand would be able…looks neat & stuff but IMI weights are the best option now.

Too bad I can’t repeat boot camp. That was actually fun in a sick way. The schedule was demanding but the O-course was awesome!

So, yes I need to settle dow n maybe.
And, a trainer will maybe guide me on a path that’ll work for my body.

Meanwhile, there’s a ton of good training material to review here.

Would be nice if we could go to one webpage and download all articles, categorized. Hell, I bet T-Nation could sell a CD with all that, even a DVD w/pics & videos setup for each category if lifter…

It’s great to have a second chance, even as late in the game as it is. BUT, since I AM “back in the game” so to speak, by St George I’ll play to win both short and long term :slight_smile:

I doubt there will be any “calm or setled” in my world anytime soon :slight_smile:

Have a great one & ya all take care.



For pecs, I’m doing incl DB press & flies, but want to add to this Friday, as I feel my chest needs serious work in strength AND size, always has.

What movement do ya think would be good to add, and where in the scheme?

Thank you:) :slight_smile:
Ya all take care,


I’m always RE-TIRED, every single morning!

Anyway, Friday sounds excited, keep us posted. We love training-workarounds in this forum.


No doubt, I noticed! Much of the reason i like this forum so dang much!

Having a helluva time coming up with ideas for the additional or even replacement pec move. Have to think & OMG it hurts!!

They have a machine that’ I’d say is roughly equivalent to being seated flies I’m considering - dunno wat it’s called, but maybe cable would be better. See there, OUCH - yet another thought :confused:


You’re 10 years older than me, but you still remind me of me when I began lifting, except you’re in better shape. I was 33 and EXTREMELY out-of-shape when I began lifting. It SUCKS being 330lbs, at 33 years old with no knowledge of lifting, fitness or good eating habits. That’s the lifting starting point I’m coming from. You’re in a MUCH better spot!

I’m also very analytical, just like you. Analyst is in my job title, after all. I was also EXTREMELY gung-ho, just like you. I suppose I still am, even if the enthusiasm comes and goes nowadays.

Believe me, I totally understand your enthusiasm. I felt just like you do right now. I suppose I still do. I feel like I have a second chance. A chance to do things right at a time where my mind is mature and my body is still capable. Believe me, I get it.

Channel all of that energy into doing things right, or at least as close as you can manage. We’re not kids anymore. Ego lifting isn’t where its at, even if it can still be fun. We all want to be the strongest, the biggest and the most capable men we can be. Unfortunately, the reality of being an aging lifter means that we are sometimes robbed of that glory. Our window for optimal lifting has passed, but make no mistake, we can still grow in strength and in character. I believe that we all have considerable room for such growth. Now that you mention it, I don’t just believe it. I know it.

Instead of lifting to feed your ego, lift for success. That’s going to look different for every lifter, especially as we get older. The trick is finding out what successful, productive lifting looks like for you. This is an equation we all must solve.

One of the keys for me has been recognizing that success leaves tracks. You are not the first overweight guy with some physical handicaps to pick up some weights. I’m not diminishing the path you’ve walked or your resolve to chart your future path. I’m just encouraging you to seek out people who’ve done what you want to do under similar conditions. Learn. Grow. Etc.

One thing that has amazed me about lifting is the endless supply of paths that can lead a person to a successful outcome. So many methods are effective. Study what those who’ve come before you have done. Figure out what works for you and pursue it with vigor and an abundance of heart. Be your best you and good things will follow.

@bulldog9899 is right. Keep things simple. Simple fits into your life. Simple works. Simple is strong.

You asked a question while I was typing this, so I’ll give you my answer.

Do more dumbbell rows. Pull. Pull! PULL!!!


Wow awesome, well written responses-thanks!

Yep, we’re older & not in peak condition, so OUR best is gonna look different than someone 15+ years younger, sadly enough.

The suggestion to “row, row, row” throws me because I need to add a chest movement.

I did row like a madman today & it rocked my back. Will probably be doing that instead of T-bar rather than both. For now. It hit well so keeping it seems desirable.

No soliloquies tho I’m done :slight_smile:


That’s a damn fine comment there, @twojarslave.