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Fat Old Man Shrinking


Are you using regular straps or hook straps?


I appreciate your military service. No bullets to dodge here.

Trust posts from twojarslave (intelligent, really strong guy) and eyedentist (our resident surgeon). Wendler’s 5/3/1 is a good program.

To that mix maybe add kettlebell work for weight loss. Dan John’s kettlebell articles on here and elsewhere online show the correct kettlebell “hinge” movement when swinging. Maybe 3 sets of l0 swings with pair of 20 lb bells about once a week to start. When those get too comfortable, increase volume/frequency awhile before getting heavier ones. Lifting gloves and also a sweat rag around the handle will protect hands. You’ll shed weight, but if you do them exclusively you’ll also shed some strength. Ebay prices are best for buying a pair.




I wonder if it might help to try some if these. Just thinking aloud here.


Yes, those look like they’d be better! Where do you reckon I can get some?

In re to last reply, forgot to say, “You’re welcome. Serving was an honor and pleasure :)”

I read the reply on my phone at the gym. Looked around for kettlebells but didn’t see any, but told the staff I want to talk to them tomorrow. The place advertises “free” training, but apparently I have to catch them when they have time. Grrrr.

Question about shrugs, when I get some of the Max things in this pic, do you think barbell would be better than dumbbell? I’d prefer the barbell, but haven’t used it because of the grip issue.

Thanks for the reply!


There are many to choose from on amazon. Different styles etc… just search for hook straps for weightlifting. There not terribly expensive, and might be worth a try.

I think the barbell vs dumbbell thing will come down to what works for you, since you have grip limitations. Try both and see which one feels better.



T-Bar Row: 45/10, 70/4, 55/6
Upped weight too much on 2nd set. Will start with 50 next time & add 10lbs each set.

Lat Pulldown (Wide, behind neck): { Warmup 40/10 } 60/10, 80/8, 100/4

ROM limited on these cuz of scar tissue in cervical spine area. Find stretches ?.
Note: Still gauging weight on each exercise.

DBell Shrugs: 35/10, 45/10, 45/8
Rotate shoulder with these. Is this ok?

Preacher Curl (inner grip width):: 30/8, 40/6, 60/4
What grip width is best? Should I do both?

Hammer Curl: 25/8, 30/8, 15/8
Grip was giving out so lightened up last set

Hamstring Curl (prone)_: 30/10, 40/8, 60/6

Workout was enough (for me). Need to start at higher weights on movements that ended with 8 rep sets vs 6 --> Went to 8 on those because I didn’t feel enough work being done.

Also need to do some sort of warmup.
I think I should do the pulldowns before the T-Bar, for a warmup if nothing else?

Thanks for any input gentlemen!


Yessir, copy that & thank you! I do sincerely appreciate the help from you and others here!



Just so you know @ChickenLittle is a lady… :slight_smile:

Starting Strength is by mark Rippetoe…its available online at Amazon

Try cutting back on the chew several hours before bed and cut the caffeine out by noon…I indulge myself and use Red Seal long cut winter green and I agree its one hell of a habit to break…

Slightly pin shoulders back and simply squeeze up trying to get your shoulders to touch your ears.

at this point what ever feels best to you …as long as you feel it in the biceps


Nope sure didn’t! Ooops!

Sorry @ChickenLittle :frowning:

About days of training: Is it ok to train 6, then one off - repeat??
I am NOT tired, or sore, or feel like a day off, but know it’s necesary. Just don’t know how often?



No worries! And @bulldog9899 thanks, but I think LADY might be a stretch…:smirk::joy::laughing:


:smirk: you said it ! I didnt !


Honestly , in your chase i will say sure. Its a individual thing in most cases with allot of factors playing into it. If at the moment your not feeling run down and your seeing progression in your workouts your good. If things come crashing down its time to back off.


I agree with Bulldog. Definitely ok to train six days. I actually prefer 6 or 7 days per week as I’m able to keep my workout intensity up much better with shorter training sessions.

Let me check I may have a pair of the straps Chicken Little showed. I’m in Ohio as well and will let you know and drop them in the mail if I have them I don’t use that type anymore.


Bunch of DAMN BUCKEYES in here!!! :wink:


How kind! Thanks for considering that :slight_smile:

6 Days it will be then, unless my body starts disagreeing suddenly :slight_smile:

Another question:
Is it important to keep the exact same movements for a body part or is it ok to switch?
What about sets & reps, how frequently should they be changed? Reason I ask is because an article I read here spoke of muscle gains with high reps (quads), and I simply want to see as much size added as possible, in as little time as possible However, I also figure to get the desired muscle growth it takes more than a week using one movement.

My line of thinking is keep the same ones until progression stalls.



Rule number one… if it’s working, don’t fix it.


10Jan2017. Day 3

Inc Dbell Press 30/10 35/8 45/6

Inc Dbell Fly	20/10	20/10	20/14

Shldr Press (BBell)         45/9	        45/6	

    Lateral Raise                   10/8

    Shoulder Press 
    (machine got shaky)	30/10

Tricep Cable Press
45/12 75/13 30/15

Leg Extensions 90/10, 110/8, 130/8, 150/7
Finish @ 0937

**Shoulders posed a problem because I couldn’t do the barbell press enough to suit me, Just could not do another rep, got pissed & moved to lateral raises. Then I couldn’t locate the dumbbells I wanted, moved to a machine & it was not a controlled movement & said the hell with it after one set. It didn’t feel as if it was going to hit the delts worth a damn.

Chest movements all felt good and like they hit the pecs really well. Pleased with those.

Triceps press - Was able to locate the right bar this time, a close grip worked better

Leg Extensions: Did extra set because I felt like I could, and couldn’t locate a leg press machine!

Overall I am pleased with today’s session.
Energy level is very good still, exercises feel like they’re doing WTH they’re supposed to do. Have difficulty pausing very long between sets. I time the pause to 45 - 90s, but think if I force myself to rest longer in between I may be able to move more weight.
Also wonder how long I should pause between exercises. I HATE waiting to do the next movement.

37 mins to complete this one seems short to me but ok.

As stated, this was day 3 of a planned 6. Muscles feel good - no soreness but can tell they are being hit. Every morning the muscles I hit the day before feel stronger. Looks like I’m accomplishing SOMETHING, though not moving near the weight I’d like. :frowning:

Later ya all!


After reading an article here, I’ve decided to hold off on barbell presses and do some other stuff to build my core(?) muscles or whatever it is you call the ones that assist, namely traps and back.

Will substitute something for this until;strong enough (again) to do the barbell work.

Not happy about it, but can’t risk injury out of stubbornness either!

Any suggestions on exercises that will build the muscles that assist with this??



I start with ones that don’t hurt, then look for what works best. For me, that has been compound movements, which do not require barbells. I’ve always used barbells, but if I couldn’t, my lifting would probably look something like this:

Some kind of squat. Body weight squats are a fine place to start. Goblet squats are a good next step. If I couldn’t squat at all, I’d probably start doing lunges, which I’ve never done with any regularity. Leg press is of course another great compound movement. No need to go super-heavy on these at all. Reps work!

Some kind of hip hinge. Some kind of deadlift is great. Romanian deadlifts with light weight were a staple of my first 9 months or so of lifting. You don’t need to go super-heavy for these to be very effective. Slow and controlled reps work well. Kettlebell swings are also great, but are generally more explosive in nature and might be riskier as we age. I think @EyeDentist might have opinion on that subject worth listening to.

Some kind of row. DB Rows. Kroc Rows. Kettlebell Rows. Machine rows. Cable rows. Canoeing. Row and row often. I go anywhere from 10-20 reps with my rows. Rows are a good way to do a lot of work!

Some kind of pullup. If you can’t do pullups, lat pulldown is a wonder machine. I used it for years.

Some kind of horizontal press. DB bench press would be my first choice. Machines if that couldn’t work.

Some kind of vertical press. DB press gets the nod from me here. Machines afterwards.

Incline press and decline press, dips, one-arm presses, all kind of pressing movements can be done if you can’t vertical or horizontal press. They all work. I stayed away from incline for years because it hurt. No problem, I pressed in other ways.

Some kind of ab work. I’m, uh, not the best guy to tell you about ab work.

I’m just regurgitating Dan John here, but you should also do some kind of loaded carry. So should I. Pick something up and move with it. Heavy is good if heavy don’t hurt.

I’d recommend you read some Dan John articles. A lot of them are written with the O35 crowd in mind. I’ve never followed his programs but I can tell you that his lifting principles are very solid. This is more or less how I’ve always lifted. Big and basic movements, which DO NOT need to be done with the most possible weight loaded on a barbell.

Congratulate yourself on being wise enough that you didn’t get too gung-ho too soon and get yourself hurt!

You are intact and ready to train!