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Fat Old Man Shrinking


I’m well, just trucking along thanks. Great to hear had whole days no pain.
Yeah goes to show power of body’s neurology/nervous system.

Good you’re heading back to gym, of course really ease in to the weight, maybe just do machines and cables for couple weeks, nowhere near failure. etc


How are you doing lately? I hope your head is better.


Hi @FlatsFarmer - Not worth a shit thx for askin tho :slight_smile:

Past 3 months has included a wreck that totaled my car, one outpatient surgery with a hellaciously screwed up recovery for a sinus cavity cyst + deviated septum, plus a separate hospital admission w/3 days of a 102.9 temp that;s still a viral mystery but gave me a neuro diax of peripheral neuropathy - nerves in lower legs & feet “are fried” <-- yes that’s a quote. and they said I’ll need some PT to retrain my walking, although I’m walking fine.
Thing was, my body auto - compensates for this neurpoathy, but when it had the unknown virus it was unable to do so, so I felt wayyyy off balance and weak as a kitten, plus the fever had me shaking like a leaf…
So, without just citing my entire fricking medical record, I’m not well, but again, thanks for asking.

As for the headache issue, the new neurologist has a better plan of attack IMO, and so far it’s actually working better, so we happy with that much at least!

I’ve not seen the inside of a gym for about a month now though - pretty crappy to know that, but it will NOT be for ever, My body comp hasn’t changed and my diet is still good so I have that going for me…I will regroup and attack with renewed fervor - always do :))

'Peace !


Damn! I feel like I should stop asking!

I hope you’re back to kickin’ ass soon! Have a great Thanksgiving.


Ok damn, it’s been a while since I was here for anything worth a shit, but here goes.

Getting back to the iron this coming Monday with my 27 y/o son. Both of us need a training partner., and his old man happens to know a tad more about the movements and what works what than he does, so it’s a good deal.

Tell ya wat, dang near everything that could’ve gone wrong the past 5 months or so did, from totaling a car, to ER trips, to beginning dealing with migraines, plus a surgery, and one unexpected hospital admission, and a nuerology diagnosis that caught me off guard a bit, but will not slow my ass down.
Ya all have probably heard about people with diabetic neuropathy, where the nerves in their lower legs and feet are FUBAR. Well, I have peripheral nuuropathy, which is about the same damn thing minusthe diabetes (cause I whooped the diabetes’ ass).

They were talking all this crap about how I’d need PT for walking and stuff. Well, I show up to the PT eval. Possilble score of 30, I score 30. Dude says there is no reason or me to have therapy at all. I ask the guy, “so what do you think about me getting back into the gym cause my doctor said I had to wait and see what therapy said?” Dude says, "I would recommend it, just don’t go back at it too hard too fast and hurt yourself.

Well how about that shit?!

Then they decide to test my D & B vitamin levels, which I happen to have been supplementing for over 30 years…of course those came back fine - big surprise there.

So yeh, me and my boy are gonna hit the weight room Monday. I’ll get back to working on my old ass, see what I can do for him, and we will be a happy iron pumping father/son duo. Frickin A.

I am sooooooo damn glad all the tests came back good, all the surgeries, tests, etc are over, and I can get on with going back to a “normal” type life finally again. This bullshit of not going to the gym has about driven me insane, and that ain’t a long drive…

I’m looking for Monday/Wednesday/Friday workout recommends. I’ve got something in mind, but wanna hear waht my boys here have to say?! Let me hear from ya?!




Best of luck getting back into it mate!


Sounds like you’re back in the game!

These are both good three day templates to get back in the swing of things…


Both look interesting, and definitely different in ways than what I had planned for us. I’ll keep looking at these and others between now and Sunday, and Sunday afternoon will make a final decision on where I intend to start us. The cool thing is I can start us with whatever I choose, and change it up to something totally different the very next week, or in a few cases, the very next workout.

Main thing for us right now - get asses to gym, llft heavy shit, eat right, recover, repeat. And no, that’s not in a prescribed order cause eating right is a 24/7 thing. :slight_smile: And thank goodness I been doing that all along, even though I wasn’t getting my ass to the gym. I could’ve probably easily packed a bunch of fat on during that time just by eating like a moron.

Peace Ya all!


Was just reviewing - Four fricking months since I’ve lifted. Back to it Monday, but dang I got slapped down with some crazy stuff that whole time, and one thing after another. Started with the migraine stuff, then totaled my car, then a new neuro disgnosis that I thought was going to mobility impair the hell out of me but isn’t, a surgery in there, and an unexpected 4 day hospital admittance.
Stuff messed with me physically by keeping me from training, and threw a big old mind bomb in there that had me literally thinking I might be requiring a cane or more just to walk.
Well, they were being overzealous in what could be wrong in that realm, and ok, better to err on the side of caution, but damn!
Then with the other miscellaneous items, procedures, and down time, that was like a 4 month long bitch slap.
Well, if I’m good at anything, it’s surviving difficult situations then coming out better, so we gonna start the “finishing this stuff better” Monday dammit.

Glad to be back on this board with something good to say, may have training questions coming at ya soon, ya all take care!


FUBAR. Everything in my world went that direction and remains, at least for several more months-FUBAR.

Emergency surgery to remove an implant, surgeon close to not close the cavity, so was left with about a 1.4 cup opening in ab area, daily gauze changes for a few weeks.
Pic of that mess here (sorry if it’s too graphic)

Then, wound doc took over, is using a “wound vac” to cause a better flesh regrowing environment…which means there’s a vac tube in that wound cavity, sealed w/sponge & sealant stuff, with an over the shoulder carry vac keeping fluid out of there, preventing infection etc…this for 9 more days when a plastic surgeon will evaluate when the damn thing can be sutured…there has to be enough new tissue grown back in there…

At any rate, the troubles leading up to the implant removal began near 12 months ago, and my ax ain’t been lifting other than 10lb bells at home in between bouts of not being able to do a damn thing…hoping to have a fresh implant done mid-March, recovered May 1, back to lifting mid-May.
I promise nobody here wants any more medical details than those given.
What I will give tho - attitude. Ain’t giving up. This has all been a pure bitch to deal with, but that’s what we do. We can’t skip these things, detour them, or ignore them - we walk through them. Sometimes it’s trudgery feeling, but stopping is not an option. I’m 49, I’ve survived this and worse, so will be damned if I’m going to start that whole “quitting thing” now. Screw That. It leads to one place - the wrong side of the ground. F-that!

So, posting this small part of my journey with the sick pics not for pity, but to motivate anyone considering giving up - DONT EVER DO IT!
That’s the most tragic choice a person can make for themselves and those who live them, and/or whom they love, so just F’n don’t.

Now, motivational talk attempt over. It’s 50 minutes away from Christmas Day EST, so Merry Christmas! Give the world the best you that you can :). If they don’t like it, too bad, tell them to try a different model but you’re still your best !

Peace Brothers!


That’s an excellent reminder, thank you!!!

It looks like you’ve got your emotional andmenral work cut out for you foe the first part of 2019. Maintaining a mostly positive mental outlook is where the daily battle is won. Good luck, hang in there, and gather emotional strength here as often as you can!

I had a couple fierce injuries in my early 20s. A friend/course instructor/former Special Forces soldier who crosstrained as a PJ gave me a chest expander type of cables and reminded me that ANY training takes us out of a victim role and mindset and helps re-establish our authority in our life. The daily reminder helps strengthen us to persist until healed.

Since you’re limited in what you can do, perhaps look I to frip training. Every physical activity in life is more successful with strong, healthy hands and forearms. A good hobby may also benefit you. When in a healing phase, started taking a sewing class once a week and made a shop apron and fleece-lined denim work vest. This might be an opportunity to begin developing a new skill.

Good luck!