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Fat Nips or Gyno?


Currently running first test-e + tbol cycle. Running Adex along side it at .5mgs EOD to combat something like this happening. Just wanted to know if ive got fat nips due to body fat being high or the beginnings of gyno. Nipples are not sensitive, not do i feel a lump behind it (only feel fat) nor have they been painful at any time

Im 6ft 3, 23 years old, training 4 years and weigh 220 have competed once and done a few light orals in the past.

Just want other opinions on it.

inb4 yet another gyno thread

Thanks for your time


Nips look like normal dude nips.. If they aint sensitive or no lumps your just freaking out..

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hairless privileged.


I wish but 4 real if your gonna post a shirtless pic on the web you might wanna consider manscaping

Chewbaca's bulking up for Star wars 5