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Fat Man Sues Over Seats



I find it funny that at the end he says he just wants to sit comfortably like normal people!

That and when he says he told White castle about their seats but after 2 and a half years they STILL hadn't done anything! That was enough time for him to get down to 190 lbs I'd say. I don't know how tall he is, but the story says 290. For him not to fit he must be 5'2".



More detail and a pic of the guy here. I like the bit about his wife having to visit the place for him as he feels like an 'outcast'.


Obese man complains about not being able to sit comfortably in a fast food place.




Tell me about it.

Too funny.


Prohibition against reproduction.


This picture is hilarious.


Then again, I have real trouble in airplane seats so I don't know how much I can laugh at this.


We have trouble because we are TOO healthy.



I would think you're at least courteous about it. After I finally made some progress in improving my back thickness, I noticed coach seats became impossibly uncomfortable where before it was manageable. I could no longer contort my body enough to keep from pressing against other people or sitting half way in to the aisle. I always ask for tickets for flights with as many unsold seats as possible to avoid this. I still have issues with leg room and the edge of adjacent seats pressing into my shoulder blades. I really hate flying now because of that.




only 2nd to that is other mass transportation. used to take the bus to NYC every day for 3 years...1 hour 20 minutes one way. worst.3.years.of.my.life - even when i had both seats to myself.


I didn't see the lawsuit itself, but suffice it to say this isn't "legally outrageous". It's probably based on some ADA violation and being a fat fucking pig might very well constitute a disability these days (not sure, it's been years since I handled any ADA). Basically, there can be a legal obligation to accommodate this "disability".

From the ADA site:

MYTH: The ADA protects people who are overweight.

FACT: Just being overweight is not enough. Modifications in
policies only must be made if they are reasonable and do not
fundamentally alter the nature of the program or service
provided. The Department has received only a handful of
complaints about obesity.



The train wasn't an option?


What makes someone eat so much that they get too fat to eat so much...and then blame the people cooking the food for not widening the tables to accommodate their ever-growing asses?

That's some funny shit. What happens if they expand everything...and he outgrows that too?

I can't fit into small cars. I can't fit into jeeps. I don't blame the car companies.


It was an option but not the best. I was on Wall St. and then later Jersey City.

The train takes you to midtown, then you have to hop a subway, extending the commute time and expense. The bus takes you directly to lower manhatten. In JC, the bus dropped me blocks from work. Train would have dropped in Newark, followed by PATH to JC. And both train scenarios extend my personal drive time by almost 30 minutes (to trenton, unless you want to mess with Phila and bridge toll and parking).

On balance, the bus was the best option. Drive, park, free parking. Also, most of the trains out of trenton for that trip were NJTransit and those seats DO NOT RECLINE! So, no comfort benefit there. And the Amtrak is cost prohibitive.


Yup He's fat.

So while I was on that website, did any of you happen to not notice the fat guy and see their other photos???




F da Police


The End.