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Fat Man Sues McDonald's Over Non-Hire

T-People, here’s more nonsense for you to read. I’m so mad I feel like finding this guy and twisting his tiny shriveled nuts off with my bare hands.

BRIDGEPORT, Conn. - A federal judge has refused to dismiss a lawsuit against McDonald’s, filed by a New Haven man who claims he was not hired because he is overweight.

Joseph Connor had filed the lawsuit last year against the fast food chain, claiming that it discriminated against him, in violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act and the Connecticut Fair Employment Practices Act.

Connor, who weighs 420 pounds, claims that McDonald’s violated the laws when it regarded him as morbidly obese and refused to hire him based on that perception.

Further, he alleges that his obesity is a disability, and the restaurant chain violated the CFEPA by deliberately not hiring him.

U.S. District Judge Stefan R. Underhill concluded that Connor must be given the opportunity to prove that he is protected under the law.

McDonald’s had argued that obesity, except in special cases where the obesity is due to a physiological disorder, is not a “physical impairment” within the meaning of the ADA.

“The judge’ decision is a very important one,” Attorney Gary Phelan, who is representing Connor, said Wednesday. “This is the first time a Connecticut court is saying that obesity may be a disability under state discrimination law.”

Attorney Lawrence Peikes, who is representing McDonald’s Corp., said the judges decision was not on the merits of the case.

“It in no way indicates how the judge views the case factually,” Peikes said. “McDonald’s is confident there is no merit to the claims and looks forward to having the matter resolved.”

Just sad.

Did this bring to mind that Simpsons episode where Homer intentionally becomes obese so that he won’t have to go to work for anyone?

…deperately trying to retard my anger

Holy Fucking Shit. I am fucking speechless. A disability? Having stumps for legs is a disability. Eating that godamn big mac is not. He is just pissed cuz he can’t get his employee discount. This ranks up there with the spilled coffee lawsuit, ridiculous.

I agree with McDonald’s, who would want this lard working for you. You couldn’t move around him, nor could you trust him not to eat anything while working. He would probably also keel over from heat exhaustion.

I thought the guy should thank Mickey D’s for not hiring him. And if they did he’ll just sue them for getting him overweight or obese! Am all for people having the right to make a valid case. But this is rediculous… Just like the parents that are suing Tom Lee for the drowning accident that occured at his pool. Where their kid died. I forgot how old the kid was but suing tommy lee for 10 million will NOT BRING your child back!

Also its your Irresponisbilty in the first place to leave your kid as young as this one is with a bunch of other kids in a pool… If it were me I would be there at the pool watching my child! Eventhough I don’t have one.

my question is what position was he applying for? he cant reach the cash register, the fries basket, the preparatory counter, outside the drive through window and he cant walk around the kitchen at all. what in the world could he possibly do besides stand their being an imminent heart attack advertisement?

True story: My girlfriend works for a surgeon who had a patient that was so morbidly obese that he had to be hospitalized and put on a strict diet. Once day the nurses noticed that something funny was going on but couldn’t figure out what exactly it was. They noticed that the window was partially open and since it wasn’t supposed to be, one of them went over to close it and happened to notice something rather disturbing on the outside wiondow sill. It seems that this guys was so hungry and so mentally damaged by being denied food that he actually caught a pigeon and was in the midst of eating it raw when his little plan was uncovered. I didn’t believe it at first but the surgeon insists it is true. He said that the guy had a mental problem and food deprivation was intolerable to him.

Stupid jerks. They should have hired him. Then they could implement their new slogan, “Fat food, for the fat people, by the fat people.” Sounds real patriotic and stuff. They could even hire Jared. Just put him on the payroll and have him do guest appearances at McDonald’s. Hell, make him one of their characters like Hamburglar. He could promote their new “Beef Dripping Surprise Semi-Sandwich”. I wonder if Shamu signed a non-compete contract with Sea World. Hmmm…I could be an Obese Agent and represent these mounds of adipose. Hell yeah. CMC, if you’re reading this, don’t take my idea. I know you’re looking for a career.

Could he do the job? If it is a fact that he could not reach the cash register, etc, then no, he shouldn’t be hired. Otherwise, there’s no excuse for not hiring him. If the excuse is ‘image,’ then couldn’t anyone make the claim that it’s damaging to the corporate image to hire fat people?

People assume the French were boycotting McDonalds because of the American connection, but maybe this was just a cover for the fact that Mcdonalds “food” isn’t fit for sewage eating bacteria. We should at least give them credit as a people for this one. Just think, the most prominant icon associated with America overseas is McDonalds. This is the image we project to the world; unhealthy, greasy, disgusting, lazy, gross.

It come as no surprise. It seems that America is the Land of the Lawsuit!!! It seems that there are a lot of people who view their own stupidity and bad habits as a ticket to getting rich quickly.

Im not american so I dont honestly know but i have lived with several americans and they have all said that the legal system in the States is insane in regards to lawsuits. People are taking companies to court for the most bizarre and contrived things they can think of and that judges have opened the flood gates by awarding these halfwits damages.

A couple of times I have been sent emails with lists of stupid lawsuits but I tend to take them with a pinch of salt as there are shitload of urban myths out there.

I would like to know the opinions of the american T men/vixens out there. Is it as bad as I have been led to believe? I heard the story about the woman who sued Mcdonalds because she got scolded by hot coffee that she was holding between her legs when driving and she blamed them for making the coffee too hot. Is stuff like this common place?

He should have applied at Subway!! That would have been interesting if he would not have been hired.

BTW, Tommy Lee was cleared of the lawsuit

nephorm did bring up a good point. And spiderfan I read on the internet. The point was he shouldn’t have been sued the first place.

From someone who lives in Bridgeport CT, I feel a certain urge to look this guy up in the phone book. But on a different note, the judge in this case is actualy a healthy minded individual and used to come to the gym on a regular schedule. I hope he throws this guy right out of the court room.

Spiderman, it’s probably worse than you’ve heard. Litigation permeates every aspect of American life. Hell, I was fishing a stream near a golf course, and the manager came out and told me I had to leave. He said his insurance wouldn’t allow anyone but golfers on the property, because people would sue if they got hit by a ball. Note that they might not even WIN the lawsuit, just that it’s so expensive to have to defend against one. I said Shit, I’m not gonna sue you, and he told me about some guy who brought his 5-year old daughter golfing. The girl got too close to the guy’s swing and he busted her jaw, so naturally he sued the Country Club. That’s right, he hit his own daughter and then sued a party who wasn’t even involved in the incident.

You can’t do ANYTHING in this country without considering potential litigation. There is no concept of personal responsibility, people will sue over anything, even if it is their own stupid fault, like spilling coffee on themselves. The reason is that lawsuits are so expensive that most people will just settle out of court.

I have heard that there is a separate court system in Japan that punishes people for frivolous lawsuits. The US desperately needs something like that.

He has a disability that many others have.: Lack of self-controlf and self-discipline.

spiderman/gt1370a: there was a story on the news a couple years ago. a bus driver was pulling out of the station, starting his shift. halfway into the street the bus was hit. so with the bus not even on the roads and no one on the bus, 7 people sued the driver and metro (the bus company) for damages. AND WON!
the driver refused to pay.

How the hell did the legal system get to such a point? Why was it allowed to become so fucked up? Where there any grond breaking cases that opened the flood gates? When did it all start?