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Fat Man Pull Up


I am currently doing CT's Superhero workout. I have no clue what a Fat Man Pull Up is. Can someone pleased describe this.




The Supine Row = Fat man pullup


isn't it like a reverse push-up? like you hang from an olympic bar while it's racked in a cage or squat rack and pull your chest up to the bar while your feet are extended and touching the ground or placed on an exercise ball.

seems like an exercise for really really weak people. but hey, you gotta start somewhere!


You could buy some Iron Woody bands for some assisted pull-ups and chins. They work very well, plus they have a multitude of uses.


Or really overweight people.

Like you said, it is a start.


I actually like this exercise with added weight, I find it is a good horizontal rowing variation

I especially like it with the v-handle



I do these with my daughter sitting on my chest. To increase resistance add kids, only problem is they are in 45 lb increments.


Hey, don't knock it. Not only is it a good tool in the toolbox for getting someone who is fat or weak to a real pull-up, it's also a really good exercise to balance out vertical pulling with horizontal--you can work them for really high reps, and they seem to do good thing for your shoulder girdle. I did loads of these when my shoulder was too messed up to perform a chin-up, and saw substantial improvements in my shoulder health.


You see, hueyOT was born with the ability to knock out 20 pull ups, bench 300, squat 400, and DL 500. He never had to start anywhere.

I second the idea of using Iron Woody bands from a regular pull up bar. The inverted row is just that -- a row. The bands off of a pull up bar train the same plane of movement as a pull up.


I don't know how well your skills in the common sense part. But the Fat Man pull up, is for a FAT MAN. I don't know about you but if I was weighing 280 I'd find it a little difficult to do some pull ups.


Thanks for reminding everyone, I nearly forgot.