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Fat Male Legs... Reservatol?


I have disproportionatly fat male legs in comparison to my upper body that has visible abs...

I store my fat primarily in my quads from what I've read that's a problem with high estrogen.
I've been contemplating supplementing with reservatol and as a last resort biosig.

If I supplement with reservatol is that going to be effective? will it re-balance my hormones long term?

My Diet is good (high protein/low carb/good amount of fats from nuts, tuna, avocados etc)
and I train every other day consistently with Squats/Deads/Lunges.

Looking for people who have had this problem and have solutions. Not really looking for diet or training advice, but any constructive advice is appreciated.



Pic of you with so called fat legs with abs? You may think they are fat while we may think they are fine.


You can't see ANY quad definition when I tense whilst I have trained front squats 2-3x a week for the last 2 years with low reps heavy weights. My body fat % is between 8-10%. Based on that non-bullshit information are you able to give me advice without me taking a picture of myself in my jocks?


What's your estimated BF%? Include pic.


Dude, most people are delusional about their current physical state. That is why we are asking for pictures. In fact, most times, unless the poster is extremely developed, it is a safe bet they are turned around about where they stand as far as how they actually look.

So, either post a pic or accept half assed info from uninformed people who are likely less developed than you are.


And hold up a shoe. This is crucial.


How the hell do you know you store fat in your QUADS?

Well, since you won't post any pictures, and don't want advice on diet OR exercise, what the hell do you want?

You think you have a hormone imbalance? So you come here for an internet diagnosis?

I've seen lots of physiques like others, but something doesn't add up when visible abs and fat legs are on the same male. Just from what you've written, I'd say you probably have little to no leg development. And no amount of anti-estrogen will "cut" your legs so you can see the muscle. You need to grow it first.


I second the shoe....


you do realize that the fat is not going to leave your body unless you diet?

even if you could alter your hormones to that degree...the fat would just move somewhere else in your body...you need to be a deficit to get rid of it...


Call me Capt. Obvious but estrogen causes the female body to store weight on hips, breasts and butt first. Not quads. Even with all that a woman at 8% body fat isn't going to have a whole lot of hip/butt padding. I can't imagine this is a hormone issue...

Post pics or go see a trainer locally who can see what you are describing...?



Should Men Take DIM?
Men who wish to prevent prostate cancer and men with a family history of prostate cancer should take DIM. Men who have a problem with aromatization of testosterone would also benefit from using DIM.

What about the role of DIM in Biosignature?
If your hamstrings and quadriceps score are elevated in relation to the triceps reference score, DIM helps reduce those scores. I recently had National team female weightlifter reduce her lower body fat significantly by adding DIM to her supplement protocol. DIM is a favorite of female physique competitors to help get their legs shredded.

Males who have elevated scores in the pectoral skin fold in relation to the triceps skin fold also benefit from the use of DIM



OFME: What should I expect?
CP: Every single male, or female for that matter, who goes on that protocol will see rapid drops in body fat on the triceps, pectoral, hamstrings and quadriceps site. This reflects in increased DHEA levels, and lowered levels of various types of estrogens. Because we swim in a sea of estrogens, functional medicine leaders like Dr. Robert Rakowski advances that single man, woman and child should be taking some form of estrogen clearance product
Now what are your two take home points for today?
1.You can�¢??t be male if you don�¢??t have enough zinc.
2.DIM and Calcium-D-Glucarate work as team to get rid of the nasty forms of estrogens.


I have used Poliquin's Biosig and his supps, very good stuff. It's either Poliquin or Biotest supps that i use. Now, if I can finally get rid if these fucking love handles.


fair cop. ill just keep training.


listen man I have the same thing you do. you store lots of fat on your legs and not much on top and you have large leg muscles. If you want to lose the fat on your legs just keep dieting aimed at losing fat. Your the equivalent of a guy who can't quite see his abs yet but has almost no fat on his legs.

And storing fat on your legs is more healthy than the abdomen you can research this.