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Fat Lost During Cooking


I've been getting better at keeping track of what I eat (writing it down instead of winging it), and have been adding the total amount of fat in my 2 burger meal, but there is a lot of fat left in the pan after frying it.

Does anyone know approx. how much fat is left in the pan, or in the grill after cooking?

The total amount of fat for the 2 burgers is 34g, and I'm just bearly getting enough fat for my goals using this number (even with the flax oil I take), and was thinking about adding a couple pieces of cheese to get about 10 more grams, or another tbsp of flax if there's a significant amount of fat lost to cooking.

I've heard this asked on another thread and the replys were either "I don't know" or "don't worry about that little bit" without any close approximations.

Any ideas?


Here is something I found that might help you out:

The original fat level in ground meat makes a difference in the amount of fat that can be removed from it. With each reduction from regular ground beef to 20% fat, 15% fat and 10% fat, the content of a three-ounce portion is reduced by 3 grams. The leaner the meat, the smaller the effect that draining and rinsing can have on the meat's fat content. Blotting a burger on paper towels (30 seconds on each side) can generally lower the fat by about 1 or 2 grams, while the fat content of drained crumbled meat (as for chili or pasta sauces) may drop by 4 or more grams. When you rinse crumbled ground beef in a fine strainer or colander, you can further reduce fat content in each three-ounce portion by at least 4 or 5 more grams. While draining and rinsing beef can dramatically affect the amount of fat it contains, studies show that protein, iron, zinc and vitamin B-12 content is not significantly affected.

Hope that helps!


Great, Thanks!