Fat Loss

In Don Alessi’s article “meltdown training” he talked about men losing fat from the inside out. What does it mean if you lose fat from the outside first. I ask this because I lost 85 pounds over the past two years and now am having trouble losing fat around my stomach and chest, while the rest of me is pretty lean. I’m 5’7 weigh 158 at 10-12% bodyfat. I eat six meal a day, around 250 carbs, 250 protein, and 60 g fat. I eat oatmeal,MRP,brown rice, fruits for the carbs. Chicken, turkey, tuna, and protein shakes for protein.And Flax and olive oil for the fats. I pretty much reached a plateau for the fat loss. Any suggestions for losing the extra fat?

Yes. You are eating way over your maintenance calories, your numbers indicate you are eating approx. 2600 kCal. First thing to do is to stop dieting and increase calories for a few weeks in order to restart the thyroid. Second thing is to introduce ergogenic aids of some sort. Third thing is to eat approx. 3 g/kg protein, 100-120 g carbs and keep the fat as until now. Finally, you will not get really lean until you build some muscle mass, so maybe you should consider skipping steps 1-3 altogether and concentrate on building 4-5 kgs of muscle mass and then it will be easier for you to melt the fat off. However, there is a possibility that you cannot melt it off the problem area without abdomenoplastics or liposuction, especially if you’ve been fatass for too long - that is exactly my case. Ask whetever you want…

I too had a huge loss of body fat. I too am having trouble losing the love handles. I have learned and accepted that they will never go away b/c of stretching of the skin. I lost 75lbs at 21-22yrs old, over a period of 1.5yrs. I am lean and muscular all over except the love handles area. If I diet hard core and implement lots of cardio I can reduce the size of my love handles by half but this will take away from my muscle growth. I don’t have time to calculate each meal’s worth of calories to try and get enough calories to add muscle and minimize fat gain. I just over eat and live life a little more. As for the love handles, I from what I understand it’s going to take surgery to get rid of them. Something I’ll look into in about 4yrs.

Don’t take this the wrong way, but if your not willing to “dial in” to your diet I’m not sure you’ve earn the right to bitch. You don’t have time to count calories? My answer-make time if you aren’t happy with your appearence.

Some people have the luxury of not being stict on a diet, but other can’t do that, like me.
If you aren’t happy AND are willing to make the change you will succeed. If you’re not, don’t waste any money on MD6 or T2 or anything because they don’t cure a lack of committment.

This coming not the biggest or strongest guy on this board, but someone who’s been in the game 10 years. At 5’10" 220lbs 9% BF I’ve had to learn all this the hard way. Just friendly candid advice.

I have dieted down and counted the calories, planned my meals and I did look somewhat cut around est. 13% and I did this for a long time. The love handles were still there only smaller. They will always be there no matter how low bf I get. In situations like mine when the skin was stretched too much, there is nothing I can do about it except surgery. I have accepted this. When I stopped worrying about being under 15% bf, I started growing. I started growing a lot and gain a lot a strength. If I gain too much weight I will adjust here/there. Other than that surgery is still going to be the only thing to rid me of love handles.