Fat loss

im “heavy” and was wondering if anyone had a good diet that worked for them. Im running about 2 miles every other day and eating mostly just zero carb protien shakes…what is a good diet drug? i took xenodrine (i think thats it) and it suppressed my apetite…but i dont really need an apetite suppressor…just a good pill that will give me energy or increase my motabilism…is eating zero carbs a good idea? should i eat like fruit and protien shakes? please, need the info

Do a search in the backissues for an article called 'The Diet Manifesto". It’s got all the ins and outs of good diets.

Also read ‘the missing ingredient’ article at T-mag along with the Manifesto. Try some Biotest MD6. You don’t need a drug for what you want, not when a supplement will help. Are you lifting weights? You should be. You sound like a beginner, might want to read T-mag’s beginner column called ‘dawg school’ too. Go to previous issues.