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FAT Loss?

what would be the best steroid…or steroids to take for fat loss?? i just got off a 10 week cycle of 300mg decca a week…400mg sust 2x a week and 50mg d-bol each day… i can get tren…winny…anavar…hgh…and any e blocker… what should i take?? and should i stick to a low dose of test??
thanks for you advice

Shouldn’t you wait for your body to get used to carrying around more muscle (like 2-3months) before going on a cutting cycle?

AFAIK you should place a “restore” time between cycle…

However, I have planned my cutting cycle, i need to lose fat after the last 2 years of bulking.

I have done my research, stressed my wise source and planned this:

test enan 200mg E3D w1-10
primo 200mg E3D w1-10
mast 200mg E3D w1-10

adex as needed ( around 0.5/ED)
PCT: nolva based, however i have some test prop at hand and i think i’ll try prisoner tapering protocol…