Fat loss

Why do people buy Ripped Fuel or any other type of thermogenics when they could just buy caffeine and mini-thins in bulk. The latter is much cheaper. Is there a difference?

I have tried using the caffeine/ephed/asp stack in the past. i am now using Metabolift by Twinlab. I am much happier with Metabolift. The results are better, the hunger management is better, and I’m not as nervous.

As far as cost, some months GNC will have a whole line of products for sale at 20% off. Last month it was Twinlab. So, on SUper Tuesday, I got Metabolift at 20% off PLUS another 20% off for Super Tuesday! It was a damn good price, let me tell ya!

Wolf, Metabolift is ECA, just in herbal form. White willow bark = aspirin etc… There are a few more ingredients thrown in like Chromium but that’s largely useless. I prefer MD6 myself. Just my 2 pennies.

Metabolift sucks ass. I have been in the supplement industry for 5 years and I have never seen results as good as I saw with MD6, I would have to say Lipo-dex and Adipokinetix runs a close second. The norephedrine/caffeine/yohimbe stack is far better than the E/C/A stack. The feeling is much cleaner, you get damn horny, and the yohimbe shredded my stomach and legs so well that I have freaky vains from my knees to my bellybutton, which is something the E/C/A stack could never do.

I’ve used Ripped Fuel and other ECA and had good results, but also suffered the anxiety and nervousness that they cause. Since switching to MD6, I’ve had no jacked-up nerves, no tension or shakiness, and a smoother emotional elevation. And the results are great–using MD6 I’ve gone from a whopping 25.5% fat to 16% as of last night (and still dropping). I wanted to make sure it wasn’t just a placebo effect on me, but some of my friends on another health messageboard have begun buying MD6 from my word-of-mouth and are also reported smooth responses, better workout energy, and a much-appreciated lack of jitters.