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Fat Loss

Hola’ fellow T-Men/Women. My wife and I recently had a baby. She has made great progress so far getting back into pre-pregnancy shape but still is lacking.

Mind you she is not a hardcore fitness enthusiast so I decided to give her some motivation. I told her if she can get to her desired weight in 12 weeks then we will take a trip to Cancun or someplace similiar.

She is in total agreement but is looking for some direction. She has been working out for a few weeks now and I told her that there might be a few fat loss agents that could help her.

What do you think about a T2-MD6 stack and how would you do it?

Thanks in advance,


Assuming you have her diet in order and all planned out, then yes, MD6/T2 is a great fat loss stack. (She should not use these or any diet products if she’s breastfeeding, of course.)

Have her start with one MD6 cap before breakfast, another before lunch and the last somewhere between, say, 3 and 6 PM. (This varies depending on whether it affects sleep or not.) T2 should be taken about the same times, 3 caps of T2 per day. She can work up to six MD6 per day, but three T2 caps is already the max recommended dosage. I can do five MD6 per day with three T2, but that’s my limit, so she may never need to work up to six. Cycle according to bottle directions.

Consider putting her on Methoxy-7 between cycles or, if money is no issue and/or she wants optimal results, she can do all three supps together. If she does well on a lower carb diet, have her get a meal or two per day from a low carb protein powder like Advanced Protein. Actually, screw that. Use Advanced Protein. Seriously, the taste of similiar low carb powders out there would dissuade her from sticking with her diet. AP is like dessert and I’ve found that mixing it up thick with ice kills any sweet cravings I may be having. Good luck to her. I hope she’s in Cancun in 12 weeks.

Thanks for the direction Chris. Her diet has been cleaned up alot and she stopped breast feeding. I knew we couldn’t do anything until that stopped. Thanks again and if your still in Mexico don’t drink the water. -