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Fat Loss?


I am in need of workout plan for extreme fat loss.

I'm currently just doing CW's New Fronteir, but it seems to only gain muscle. I have gained muscle throughout the months but im extremely unsatisfied with the fat. [love handles and bitch tits]

  • i cannot take supplements
  • i eat clean, no processed foods
  • no soda

My goal is lose about 20-30lbs of fat by end of june.

Any suggestions?


if your eating clean, and your working out hard and not loosing fat (which is impossible by the way) lower you calories man.... and mabye add in a bit of cardio

honestly if you are truly eating clean, and working out a few times a week and putting on lean muscle mass you WILL be loosing fat, the only way that i can see it not happening is if your massivly over eating clean foods.

whats your idea of eating clean? post your diet


boo hoo your poor thing gaining muscle mass lol come on no sympathy here

but seriously, what about the "running man" article, base your fat loss on running sprints 400m etc.. might be a good way to go

you are pushing your goals but it is possible


It's not impossible to be fat while eating clean. Eating clean means you're choosing clean food sources. Clean food still has calories, and if you eat too much, you will be fat.

I second John Lennon's suggestion to add some cardio and lower the calories.

Eat less. Increase low-calorie, high volume foods like green veggies and low GI fruits (like apples and grapefruits). Burn more calories by doing regular HIIT, walking more, blah blah blah.


same training less intake simple as that adjust intake to your goals. training should ALWAYS be solid. Maybe a bit more cardio but you aint going to out run to damn much in the pie hole.


While a good suggestion, I personally favor one of John's earlier reccomendations:
Well, shake it up baby now
Twist and shout
Come on, come on, come, come on baby now
Come on and work it on out .


Start Waterbury's Summer Project. It's in the Locker Room

It works!!



i love that song :wink: