Fat loss

OK, this may seem like a redundant question but I just gotta ask it anyway… I am helping my girlfriend get ready for a fitness contest and I currently have her using methoxy and Diurlean. I have been doing some reading of some old lit. that I had kicking around, and came across an article by Dan Duchaine, and it suggested that the reason that ephedra based theromgenics don’t seem to work as well for women because they have a higher concentration of alpha receptors in their lower body, and that EPH does not act as an alpha andregernic, so to alternate days between the EPH and yohimbe… here is where I am feeling a little turned around. I went to my health food store and they suggested bitter orange as an alternative. then I got a little more lit. that said that EPH is a non-specific andregernic stimulant of alpha-1 and 2, as well as beta-1, 2, and 3! Further, it suggested that bitter orange and yohimbe are beta and not alpha andregernists! What is the truth? (PS I am in Canada so a lot of other options are not really available to me, so I have to keep my options pretty simple) Thanks guys!