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Fat loss

Hey All,

First time poster here. This mag and its readers are awesome. My question is one on fat loss. First let me tell you a little about myself, don’t be too hard on me! I am completing my fifth and final BFL challenge, I started at 282 lbs and 34% bf, I am now around 210 lbs at 12% bf. I want to get shredded but am somewhat limited in the money I can spend on supplements. I have just received 3 bottles of T2 and 3 bottles of Tribex500 as well as 2 boxes of grow. Do you think just using the T2(without MD6) will help shed the fat, I was hoping the Tribex would help to at least maintain my muscle mass, I don’t expect to gain too much muscle while on a restricted calorie diet, but that would be awesome too!
Thanks in advance!

Husker Bob, are you from Nebraska?

Limited on funds? I wish I was “limited on funds” enought to order three bottles of T2, Tribex, etc.

That looks like a decent plan. I would have gone with methoxy myself to save the mass, but that is a lot more expensive. The T2 will probably work just by itself. I don’t know from experience but from what has been said it doesn’t need to be taken with anything else. The major part like you mentioned a little is your diet, and your workout. But it sure looks like your on the right track. Congrats on the progress so far and good luck with the rest of it. Keep us updated.

Huskerbob, I think you will be okay with the supplements you have. MD6 is a nice addition, but not absolutely necessary. And since you have the Tribex, that should help spare muscle from being burned up. If your nutrition and training is in order, I think you’ll make good progress. If you really wanted to add a “fat burner” then go for something cheap like ephedrine pills (25mg - can be bought at many convenience stores) and caffeine pills (NoDoz 200mg). Good luck!

Yes I am, I am from Fremont, I work in Omaha!