Fat loss?

Hello All,

I am going on holiday at the end of April, and I’m looking to start loosing fat and get a nice slender looking midriff.

Which fat loss methods have worked for you? I’m looking for something like the Tabata method - short but intense - because i don’t really like long drawn out endurance type sessions.

Also, which ab routines do you suggest?

Have any of you had some good anecdotal experience with any such routines.



I have a great routine and diet, but its not for the weak of heart of wuss.

Read Fat Fast Support group. Its about 70 pages long and full of usefull hints. Read Shugart’s Velocity Diet as well for a general idea as to how it works and then alter it according to what you are looking for.

I ABSOLUTELY suggest Fat to Fire part 2.

If you can survive it and not wuss through the circuit you’ll get amazing results.

Also reccomend using HOT-ROX and ALA and Carnitine.

Just my two cents tho.

Cool. Where can i find that Fat fast support group article.

Also, i’m not going to take any supplements apart from my usual protein, so if that changes anything what else do i need to do?


Do a search for Fat Fast Redux Support Group in the Building a Better Bodies Forum. It seems to me you might be expecting to put a strong emphasis on your training for your desired results; about 80% of your results are going to come from your diet, so don’t worry about having the “Perfect Abs for Spring Break” program.
Stay strong,