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Fat Loss

Hey all - a quick one for yah. Im in a situation for the next 2 months where i literally have no control over my diet (someone else buys and cooks food for me) and there is no gym or anything resembling equipment within walking distance (also no car). My question is if i should concentrate on fat loss as my conditions do not relate well to muscle gains. There are some things in my diet i can control like how much i eat but as far as macronutrient ratios go im screwed. Im at approx %15 body fat now and in 2 months want to gain some pounds as my location will be changing then. ny suggestions - should i simply cut calories or do cardio or what?? I would like to preserve as much muscle as possibly although some loss is inevitable. Thanks for any help.

People in jail and prison (which I hope isn’t your situation) can build great bodies with very poor food quality, so I wouldn’t worry about that overmuch. Your post is confusing: you want to “gain some pounds,” but you also want to “concentrate on fat loss.” Anyway, my best advice regarding training would be to do some exercises that utilize bodyweight for resistance. If you do chins and dips for 5 sets to failure every 5 to 7 days, with some of Ian King’s recommended leg exercises (in the “Limping” program) and some sissy squats, you shouldn’t atrophy much, if at all. Throw in some ab work and one-legged calf raises as well.

Brian - I said gain mass in 2 months - not now as my situation changes then - and no I`m not in prison although i may as well be, long story. I have NO equipment for the mentioned excercises and no way to get to any or anything useful - not even a bed frame for some sort of modified dip. Just basic excercises like pushups and body weight squats are in the cards for me. I guess my main question is whether or not I should include some running as cardio for fat loss and general health. Again thanks for your help.