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Fat loss

hey guys,
I’am new to this forum, but not to the site I’ve been lifting for about 2 years and I’am 6,2 with around 14% BF, i have visible abs standing up. But I want to get down to about 10% or maybe 8% BF. I diet pretty hardcore about 90% of my protein comes from whey or chicken breast, and I also am watching the carbs (especially super refined shit) I about 30-40min of cardio and about 55-60min of lifting a day. I am only taking in about 2,700cal a day right now. now you know the facts any sugestions on supplements? and shit like that all help would be appreciated thanks

pick a diet and a program and stick with it.

6foot2 at how many pounds?
You probably just need to cut down on the calories, and up the cardio.

Never been a big fan of whey protein during dieting. I pick a slower protein like casein, or just a mix that you get from Grow.

Whey is best post-workout if you can’t afford the pre-digested.

I am 6,2 at 208pds

Why don’t you post a sample day of your “hardcore” diet? Since you diet “hardcore”, I would assume you maintain a “hardcore” log. :wink:

BTW, 208lbs at 6’2" isn’t exactly HYOOOGE.

Some other points:

*You’re not consuming enough calories a day, due to the amount of energy you are spending. Therefore, that last bit of fat ain’t ever gonna be let go.
*Cardio AND weight training everyday? WHAT type of weight training? You’re obviously NOT training with the type of intensity that would have you gain LBM. The more LBM you gain, the better your body will be able to burn any excess bodyfat.
*Cut down the cardio; especially if it’s steady state. Start performing HIIT in it’s place.
*AND again, your body doesn’t “see” the amount of bodyfat you have currently to be “excess”. You haven’t given it any reason to.

Hope this all helps.

A sample diet is definitely needed.

Also, do you seperate your cardio and weight training? Because you should.