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Fat Loss

I’m currently a strongman trainer (hopeful competitor this summer), and went in for a physical yesterday. The doctor dropped the news that my blood pressure has gotten high since the physical last year. I had gotten bigger this year, but I still didn’t consider myself too big, and besides, I was a strongman, I didn’t care too much, but when I heard this, I decided it was time to lean out. Today I tried meltdown training, and blacked out in the middle of the 3rd set of squats, all I remember is waking up when someone started shaking me, and I have a knot on the back of my head from hitting the bar I guess… Is there anyway to tweak this program to make it a little more doable until my condition improves? Or any other ideas, I started with HIIT as well, it went better than meltdown. I am not on any supps right now, I was taking MD-6 trying to keep my metabolism up, but I stopped this with the blood pressure raise. Right now, I know my diet isn’t good, like I said, I haven’t been too worried about it, just trying to get stronger, but today I started keeping a food log, so if there are any replys I’ll post averages in a few days. THanks for any input guys.

Squats raise the blood pressure more than any other excercise. If it is already high, a squat with a heavy weight will just make it worse. I would encourage you to be very careful about how much weight you do with squats or leg presses until you get the blood pressure under control. Best of luck