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Fat loss

As a relatively recent convert from EAS supplements and Musclemedia to Biotest and T-Mag, forgive the (possibly)naive question:

In one of their most recent issues, Musclemedia said its better to excersice and lift weights on an empty stomach ( I work out in the morning). The SAME friggin issue, they also said that you should take in a high protein, low carb shake BEFORE working out, in order to optimize fat loss. I am desperately trying to shed the gut, after years of neglecting by fitness. What’s the right way–eat before workout or not?? ANd how much cardio should I be doing every week?

PLease help this new T-Man out!!!

fabs, congrats on the conversion. Nice to have you aboard. You know, I realize that everyone is different and will have a different opinion, but I like to eat about an hour to an hour and a half before lifting. For a morning workout, you don’t have to go all out and eat a regular sized meal beforehand, why not try a protein shake and some fruit, just to get you going and give you some energy to get you through the work out. No sense avaoiding nutrition and bonking in the gym. For morning cardio, try eating afterwards. For your morning pre-workout meal. Hope this helps!

Just stick around here and read. This is pretty much cutting season so there is going to be a lot of talk about fat-loss.