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Fat loss

Hi everyone!
First I’d like to tell you that your mag is absolutely great. I have a question pertaining to losing the extra fat around my waist.
Generally, I’m pretty lean, except for my waist. My abs can’t be seen, and I have love handles (but not too much). I’m a 17 year old male, and with the 3-week winter break from school strting soon, I was thinking about losing the extra pounds, as much as possible.
My plan is rather simple: I’ll substract 500 calories from my daily intake, while keeping the protein intake at the same level. I’m going to do cardio 3 times a week for 20 minutes, on a stationary bicycle, in the morning before breakfast. Now, I’ve been thinking about using something to supplement my efforts.
The first thing would be Clenbuterol. I’ll take 3-4 tabs/day, on a 2 days on, 2 days off regime. I’ll take them about 20 minutes before I start with the cardio.
I’ve also thought about using Cytomel, but I’ve heard many conflicting theories about dosage, how long it should be used, etc. I’ve been reading some stuff on your site, and here’s my plan: The first day, I will take 25mcg (1 tab), and subsequently I will take 12.5mcg (half a tab) every day.
What I would like to know is if this will put my thyroid function into jeopardy, because I don’t want to screw up my thyroid gland, especially since I’m as I said before, 17.
I would also like to know for how long can I continue using Cytomel in this way, before I should take a break. And how should I cycle down from it?
Also, should I use Nolvadex? And in what amounts?
Please answer when you can, to my e-mail address if possible. Thanks,


First off you are only 17. Get your diet right to begin with. Low carbs, 1.5 grams/protein/ lb of bodyweight, little or no sugar. Cardio amounts seem to be ok, but if you are not training with weights, do it. Benches, squats, pull ups, deadlifts. This site has dozens of routines. Resorting to drugs at this point in your life is nuts. I don’t mean to preach but…

Get your diet dialed in first. Use weight training with short rest periods between sets. Only throw in a little specific cardio if you need to. (Most don’t if they’re dieting correctly.)

Skip the illegal drugs and use an ECA-type of stack or MD6. In short, get your house in order and don’t mess with the drugs for now (and the next several years.)

Sounds like you’re in a big hurry, which usually leads to muscle loss in the end. Remember, 1 or 2 pounds of fat a week is about all you can lose safely, depending on how much you have to lose. (Really fat people can drop more than that per week without probs and in the first week of a lower carb diet much of the weight is water anyway.)

Being 17 you’re not going to get much pro-drug advice from this board, nor should you. Trust us “old” 29 year olds here. Keep us posted.

Chris is exactly right, stick to diet and lifting and MD-6, this is working wonders for me as well as the T-Dawg diet…

I have to agree w. the majority. At your age, it would be absurd to start screwing around w. Clen and the thyroid meds. I was in your shoes-I never thought I would ever be lean and actually bought some Clen but never had the balls to use it. Then I had a thought: maybe I should change my diet. This was five years ago, and since I switched over to 6 small meals daily w. calories around 12x bw, I’ve been under 5 % on five different occasions, all w/o any drugs. FWIW, I am not a genetic freak either, I gain fat just by looking at food.

Some suggestions: I have used E/C/A w. good success, and you also might try Poliquin’s German Body Comp, and/or a cyclic ketogenic diet such as the T-Dawg plan or Lyle McDonald’s approach. Trust me, you DON’T need the drugs, especially at your age.

You are getting some pretty good advice here. I hope you take it into account. I am 20, I used clen before but to tell you the truth I think ECA is better, for me at least. I didn’t like the side effects from clen either. The biggest factor is your diet. I wouldn’t even worry about the cardio, some people will disagree with me on this but whenever I used cardio for fat loss I ended up losing more muscle than anything. I tried everything imaginable to find out what my body works best with in terms of diet. You need to do a little of that yourself but I would start off by paying attention to carbs. That turned out to be the biggest factor in my success. If you drink soda , stop, it is all sugar. Most people think that juices are better for you, they are all sugar too. Drink a ton of water, or crystal light is good too. if you drink a lot of these sugary beverages just by dropping them you will already cause a decent calorie defecet.

As far as T-3, you will definetly lose a decent amount of muscle. Thyroid hormone speed up your metabolism but it doesn’t differentiate from burning fat or muscle, you will most likely burn equal amounts of both, which leaves you in the same place only smaller and weaker. Your dosages don’t sound right to me either. You should defenity add more fat to your diet. that’s right I said fat. Use flax oil or udo’s choice oil. Your body will be more likely to use fat as a fuel if it has enough. If you keep your fats to low your body will want to hold onto what you have. Stay away from the saturated fats though. Good luck. Diet is 90% of bodybuilding in my opinion. atleast if you are drug free, which you should be for a few more years.

If you use drugs at 17 years old to lose a little bodyfat, you’re fucking nuts.