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fat loss

Alright, In the last year I have went from a 375 lbs to a 13% body fat at 241lbs. My problem is that I seem to have a lot of loose skin. Is there anything that I can do for that? Or is it just stubborn fat, because, obviously, I have a little ways to go before I’m completely shredded. (which is what I would like) If anyone has any suggestions please help me out.

congratulations on losing the weight. From what I’ve heard, the only thing that will help the loose skin is surgery. Though there will be some tightening over time, the skin has become too elastic to tighten up naturally after that much weight loss.

Major serious congrats, Adam!!! That’s a heck of an accomplishment. Unfortunately, skin elasticity has something to do with age and genetics. You’ve lost so much weight, your skin is probably not going to snap back tight. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that someone smarter in this area comes along with a better answer. Hmmmm. Just had an idea. Put on 150 pounds of MUSCLE mass, and you’ll not have a problem a’tall. (grin) Seriously, good work, dude!!!

I have heard/read that this type of problem requires corrective surgery…I could be wrong though.

Quite impressive my friend, sounds like you are working very hard. Depending on your age and how elastic your skin is will determine how much your skin will tighten up. More than likely if you were that big you may need some sort of cosmetic surgery to put thing back to normal.

I can sympathize with the loose skin problem. However, my understanding is that it’s just leftover fat w/ jacked-up connective tissue (which is why it feels so squishy)… try getting your bodyfat even lower and see what happens. Lipoderm-y has worked for a lot of people in this situation, so I’m thinking about giving it a go.