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Fat loss


I'm starting a cut phase soon. What do you think is the best conditioning to accomplish that goal?

I already know that the most important thing is diet, but i want to know how to approach conditioning.

I'm doing Greyskull LP 3 times per week at the moment.


IMO sprinting without a doubt. Im currently using John Romaniellos sprint programme from this site

works an absolute treat.


I don't know if sprinting in a treadmill is a good idea. What about fasted walking?


I didn't read the Romainello article but I think you can sprint on a treadmill. No Tabatas as you'd literally spend the whole time psuhing up and down on the speed buttons...but 400m repeats why not?

Walking, though I love it... will not rid you of much fat unless you're horribly out of shape. Though it would be a good thing to add some nights after dinner as some NEPA (non-exercise physical activity)


Well ive done 3 weeks of the program all sprints on the treadmill and hasnt been any issue whatsoever, the thought of it seems alot worse than the reality if stability is your concern.