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Fat Loss

Hey guys,

I started training when I was 17, I’m coming up to 22 now. During the 5 years I’ve put on a lot of size and strength. Three times during the 5 years I’ve tried losing fat. All times have gone wrong, I lost way to much muscle and size during the three times I attempted to shed fat. I was following t-dowg 2.0. I made a lot of effort, making sure I was doing what I had to.

Now I’m unhappy with my body fat again, I want to cut down. If anyone can point me into the direction of some good fat loss books. Would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for your time.

Look into the Anabolic/keto diet.
Basically, you eat 60-65% fat, 30-35% protein and 30g of carbs.
On the weekends you have 24-48 hour carb ups where you… ‘carb-up’ :wink:

Work on your diet and make sure you lift heavy.

Supplements you should look into
CLA stacked with Green Tea (note: Cla, imo, is a waste of money. But at 5g per day - high dose - you can reap some benefits.)
Dicana by Thermolife (non-stim fat burner)


We have the resident V-Diet, which is apparently great at fat loss AND muscle preservation.

You can access Dr.Clay’s website and download the free E-book ‘Stoking the metabolic fire’.

The anabolic diet, as stated above, sounds good; like the V-Diet, I have not tried it thus cannot speak from experience (The threads are extensive, they can give you an idea of the diet).

‘Rapid fat loss’ is a diet which is self-explanatory, I believe you must purchase the book, but the author is well versed and knowledgeable, and the threads on this site seem very satisfied with the diet.

Hope these help.

Start with the Anabolic Diet.

Thanks for all the advice and time guys.