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Fat loss

Guys, I am about to do the fat loss “Stack” of Methoxy 7 T2 and MD6. Is there harm in doing this on a ketogenic diet. I am going to keep myself “just in” ketosis. Probably about 25-30 grams of carbs a day.

Any way, this along with 20 min of cardio a day. I want to know if there is a “better” or more efficient way to do it.


Those supps are almost necessary on a keto diet if you want maximal results.

I think that the combination should work quite well. I just started the same stack myself, but unfortunately for me the T-Dawg type diet is not really an option. After about a week, I just can’t handle that much dietary fat. But if you can handle it, more power to you, and good luck!

Ya thermogenics really helps on keto diets. I think if anything it helps best in preserving some lbm. Studies have shown ephedra to help preserve lbm on calorie reduced diets so it’s a must for me on keto diets. I also like creatine for the same reason. I know a lot of people think its a waste on keto diets as there is no insulin spike to get the creatine to the muscle, but I’ve done several keto diets in the last six years and everytime I’ve used creatine I’ve felt stronger and preserved more lbm. But then, I’m a strong responder to creatine, even with water. I would also not do the cardio until you hit a plateau. You should see quick results without the cardio right away. After 5 or 6 weeks, if things start to slow down, add it in. I think if you throw in cardio too quickly you will lose more muscle. Good luck.