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Fat Loss!

Hi all, been a lurker on T-Nation for a while, started to get my life together after spending 4 years at university and letting the lifestyle take control of me.

I started hitting the gym 4 years ago with some weight training and managed to hit 83kg, then lack of money and motivation led me to blow out to 120kg about a year ago. I changed my diet up, drinking less and eating less crap and managed to lose 5kg over about 8 months, nothing special i know but i wasnt really applying myself to it.

Lately I have been putting in more effort. I have been cutting carbs out completely on the days that I have not exercised enough and limiting them to under 50g for the days that I feel I have done enough.

Doing this along with eating plenty of greens and protein (natural and supplimental), and giving up drinking I have managed to lose weight and I am down to 105kg. These changes occurred about 3 months ago.

I have managed to lose fat from my abdomen, arms, legs, neck and face however it seems that my chest retains fat. Is this common?

Has anyone had the same problem?
Is there anything i can do?
Its becoming a problem as I seem to have moobs and is quite embarrassing.

NB - I am aware that spot reduction is a myth, however I am hoping there is something I can do…

I’m storing the fat under my arm pits as well, thus making it hard to hide.

I find it easy to put on muscle, however I also store fat easier.

I am currently 6ft1 and 105kg with 28% bf (not sure how accurate this is as it was measured on a set of bathrrom scales, so I am sceptical) hoping to get down to about 90kg

any help or insight will be appreciated.

Hey NMJ.

Unfortunately as you pointed out, there really is no way to force your body to burn specific fat tissue.

Just keep to your diet and don’t miss a day in the gym. You’ll hit 90kg in no time, and I wager you won’t have the ‘moobs’ at that point.

Good luck.