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fat loss

What do you guys feel is the best diet to follow if you’re looking to lose fat while maintaining most of your muscle? Should I follow the tenets of massive eating only at lower than maintenance calorie intake or should I go with something more extreme like the t-dawg or fat fast diets?

You could either use the t-dawg diet with an anabolic like Androsol to lose fat in a month or two and keep your LBM, or you could plan a four - five month higher calorie strict diet without Androsol, but you’ll have to lose the fat twice as slow without the Anabolic, if you want to keep your muscle.

I’ve been doing Fatfast at about 50% of maintenance for 3 weeks. I’m losing approx 1 lb every 3 days, and zero Lbm loss. I’m a supplement junky though, MD6, T2 and Methoxy throughout, and Androsol in the first two weeks. Not really making much in the way of gains, but I think that would be asking a little bit much. Weekends I relax it, having a night out, and a large Sunday dinner for family reasons. I also lay off the MD6+T2 for 1 day a week to give my system a rest (not sure if this is necessary though).

If I weren’t using supplements, I think I’d just back off the calories 3-400 per day instead, otherwise it could be a disasterous loss of hard won gains.

cut back on carbs throughout the day. except have some carbs before/during/after your workout.