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Fat Loss Workout & Diet - Am I on the Right Track?


– Hey Guys,

I’m in need of little advice and to confirm (hopefully) that I’m on the right track for my goals so I thought i’d pop in here and ask the pros.

So number 1 priority is body fat % loss, while maintaining or even maybe a little growth in lean muscle mass if possible. I’d like to see what I can get done in 8 weeks.

So here are the stats to start, I’m 35, Male, 18.5% body fat, 155cm tall and 179 Lbs.

As far as the diet goes: 5-7 days a week (weekends vary a bit but not super drastically)

Macros - 55% protein / 32% Fats / 13% Carbs

Breakfast: 441 Calories (breakfast smoothie)

  • 32 Grams protein powder
  • 1 Egg
  • 1 cup blue berries
  • 1/2 cup egg whites
  • 1 teaspoon natural peanut butter

Mid morning: 90 Calories

  • Skinny latte

Lunch - 488 Calories

  • 250g of chicken breast

Afternoon: 90 Calories

  • Skinny latte

  • Evening Shake Post Gym - 242 Calories
    32g Protien powder w low fat milk

Dinner - 470 - 500 Calories

  • 250g Chicken & Basic salad.

So around 1850 Calories intake a day.

  • Workouts in the evenings after work.

Mon, Chest isolated lifts + 30 mins Hiit elliptical. 60 mins total.

Tues, Shoulders isolated lifts + 30 mins Hiit elliptical. 60 mins total.

Thurs, Arms isolated lifts + 30 mins Hiit elliptical. 60 mins total.

Fri, Core isolated lifts + 30 mins Hiit elliptical. 60 mins total.

On those gym days throughout the entire day (according the fitbit hr) im burning around 3500-3700 Calories - 500 - 700 of those being at he gym.

and non gym days around 3100.

So whith those figures in mind am i on the right track guys, Ive been playing the idea of also getting to the gym in the morning as well and smashing out an extra 30 min hiit workout but im not sure if its over doing it to the point of detrimental.

I really appreciate any advice you guys can throw my way.




Any reason you are only doing isolated lifts and no leg training?


How long have you been eating this way? 10 calories x lbs. bodyweight is not an awful place to have to get to, in my opinion, but if this is your first step (and I assume it is, as this is the beginner’s section) this looks awfully restrictive and may not be that sustainable for you. It’s also likely not necessary if this is your first step - just dropping obvious junk food out of your diet will get you well on your way. Also, how did you determine that really specific 18.5% bodyfat #?


No offense, but this training and diet plan sounds like it came from Women’s Health or Shape magazine.

I recommend finding your BMR, factoring in activity level, and eating at a 200 calorie deficit - your reading from the fitbit might be close. I also recommend a decent novice program with compound lifts. Forget the fitbit to track training. You won’t lose major weight in 8 weeks.


No back either :confused:


Insanity - doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results:


Damn, good find! what a clown



“looking to build muscle, here’s my sub 2k calorie diet and workout program for anorexic girls - what do you serious lifters think?”


Oh good lawd, that was during the ShreddedBaby days. What a twit he was.

The types of people the OP is, will always have issues with their body. They go through really intense, impossible to maintain periods of trying to get fit, than they give up because it was ridiculously difficult to keep up that diet and training plan. They than go back to eating shit and barely working out, they go backwards, and than usually complain about how bad their genetics are.

It’s difficult for them and it’s sad to see because they don’t realise that the real key to being fit and healthy is actually living a fit and healthy lifestyle day in, day out, for the rest of their life. It doesn’t have to be exceptionally intense or cut out everything they love, they just have to be consistent though.


Dumbell rows
Rowing machine
Farmers Carry

Those exercises build muscle, strength and improve fitness.

Id forget eliptical.


200lbs, 8% body fat with a 180lbs bench, if I remember rightly…


I think he was 10% bf trying to get down to single digits so that he could try his 1st cycle. Having never been injected with anything more than a flu vaccine still didn’t stop him from spreading his wealth of knowledge of AAS to all of the kids asking over in Pharma… I kinda hope he has gyno right now…


Na I think he was a steroid user, which is how he claimed it was possible to be so jacked but have such a terrible bench press. That’s totally how steroids work…


The site should combine all these folks’ posts into chapters making up a coffee table book


Shit…forgot about that guy. Did he make it to 8%?


Is it too early to call Bullshit on all this?


I’d like to know your macros. The caloric intake is the end result of them. Your total calories seem a tad low to me.

the other issue I see if you have no rhyme or reason to what you are eating or when you eat it. You don’t have a rest day and a training day plan (and you need one)

It looks like you are one of the buys who reads bodybuilding .com and subscribes to the “clean eating” theory.