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Fat Loss Without Weights


Hypothetical question: How well can you maintain muscle when trying to lose fat, and with no access to weights? Let's say any excercise that's possible without equipment is fair game. I've been wondering about this for a little while, but I don't know too much about losing weight. Would you prescribe light excercise and significantly lower calories or intense excercise and slightly lowered calories (think endurance running vs. sprinting)?


Sprinting of course. Pullups and pushups immediately come to mind as well as dips.
In a perfect world you keep the cals at normal maintenance and work off the fodyfat by increased workload. Sprinting is probably one of the best ways.
Keep away from endurance crapola unless you want to look like a marathon runner.


Yeah, I meant to put maybe some long walks like Shugs prescribes for the V-diet. You described what I assumed would work best, but I was wondering how intense to go. Maybe do pushups, pullups and sprints everyday, but not too intense? Or do it 3-4 days a week with greater intensity and some moderate walking or something for the off days?


Try googleing jailhouse workouts and you will find some burpee workouts, someone here posted the detailes as well but I cant remember who.
I plan on using that for a few weeks and wil see how it goes.
Woof all fluffy


While on A V-diet you need to walk a fine line between overtraining and doing too little to fascilitate muscle retention. The principle if you don't use it you lose it comes to mind.
Sprints for legs and overall body.
Pushups chest and tris
Pullups for back and bi's
You just need a bit of shoulders and you can't tell me that you cannot afford a pair of dumbells unless you can do handstand pushups against a wall...?