Fat Loss with Tren/Tcyp/Epistane and Diet Help

i’m on TRT, and run tcyp 100mg weekly, and i’ve been cutting and cant seem to get down past 14% bodyfat, does any1 know what kinda fat loss i can expect with this kinda set up?:
w2-12 tren a 75mg eod
w1-4 epistane 20/30/30/40
arimidex 1mg/d

current weight:148
current height:5’3
current bf%:14
current diet:carb cycling w/ 2 low 2 high 3 med
workout 5days a week, 1 hour of low intensity cardio daily (3.6mph at full incline on tread)
high day stats: carb: 233 cal:2105 prot:228.5 fat:31
low day:carb:23 cal:1044 prot:188.5 fat:14
med: carb:128 cal:1580 prot:203 fat:22

i’ve been having a bitch of a time dropping fat, i started epistane almost 2 weeks ago and had some tren layin around and i just said fuck it and started the tren, but can anyone give me any advice on how much fat i can lose with this set up and how i can improve my diet and training, i know its all a bit fucked up, any help would be appreciated

should i drop the med day and just run 5 low carb days w/ 2 high carb days since i am cutting w/ the tren? fast results yeah? just looking to keep what little mass i have and cut maximal fat

is the tren enough to help me keep muscle if i scrap medium days and go low carb 5 days a week?

Do you lift?

yeah. i had low T and never knew brah. dont judge

So a month ago you said you were just starting TRT and were advised to get your natural levels back up before you do anything, and get your diet in check. Your 19 be patient.

got my levels stabilized bro, going in for estradiol monday, my t levels have been normalized and im at the top of the range =)

also what is not in check with diet?

You’re taking steroids for cutting at 148#?

Dude, you have much to learn. Please stay away from tren at this point.