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Fat Loss with Oly Lift Program

Quick rundown: I weigh 172 down from 190, trying to lose last bit of love handles. I am currently doing the developmental oly lift program and seeing good results all around. All my lifts are going up, and I am eating 3000 calories a day averaging around 260 g protein, 260 g carbs and 70g fat. I’d like to know if i should lower my calories some or add some loaded carries at end of workouts? Thanks.

That program is called “developmental” for a reason. It is to develop something. If your calories are too low you will be wasting your time with the program. I hate it when people do one of my programs that are based on GAINING and they want toi use a nutritional strategy designed to be LOSING. The results always end up being suboptimal and my program is wasted.

Loaded carries are very demanding, you can’t simply add them to an already demanding training program. The body has a limited capacity to adapt. When |I design programs that include loaded carries I plan the rest of the program accordingly but using one less strength movement.

Thanks for response. I’m gonna stick to program as written. I didn’t lose all that weight on your program. I started yours at 168. Forgot to mention that in original post.