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fat loss with HIIT-only training?

ok, here’s the deal : 11 weeks until summer vacation. Current weight around 270-280, of which about 80 pounds is fat (so there’s a lot of muscle too since I am 5’1" tall).

Goal : extreme fat loss within this time frame, willing to sacrifice a bit of lbm (which I don’t lose very easily).

I was wondering has anyone here even considered the idea that could it be beneficial to NOT weightlift during this period but to TONS AND TONS of HIIT.

I have recently started wrestling and trust me, at this weight the workout is inexplicaply hard and intense, but somehow I am hanging there. Since I wrestle 3 times a week I can’t go to a zerocarb diet (or anything that would be considered as such with a small amount of carbs).

So if I don’t weight train, maybe I can have up to 7-8 super super intense HIIT sessions (like wrestling) combined with some early-morning-empty-stomach-cardio training a few times per week?

What do you guys think about this?

I know that in the LONG run I hamper my fatloss if I loose LBM but in this case I am in a BIG hurry.

Also, what kind of a diet would you suggest with some “normal” (but limited) amount of carbs in it? How low can I go without stopping my fat loss?

Any help greatly appreciated. TIA.