Fat Loss With Growth Stimulus Training

Fat loss with Growth Stimulus Training with photos and videos

I am beginning a new program for the new year and decided it might be motivational for me to Journal with peers that are all training hard for similar goals. I am using the program GST (Growth Stimulus Training) but this style is completely different than anything that I am used to or prefer.

When I go into the gym to train my goal has always been to work as hard as I can, as fast as I can and to leave the gym drenched in sweat. Granted this method has always proved to give me results the older I get the more injuries I seem to be racking up. I recently took 2 months off. It was not suppose to be a break. In my head I had convinced myself that I can just do really hard cardio and still maintain the body I want that way I would not get injured from weight lifting.

As you can imagine my body changed in quick fashion. I started not wanting to be in my underwear in front of my husband (not because I was gaining so much weight but the cellulite on my hamstrings and glutes was ridiculous).

I started talking with my husband Ryan Miller (creator of GST) and I asked him if he would design a program for me using his concepts. He flat out refused said it would create fights because I have never liked him telling me how to train or eat just as he is very protective of his fitness preferences.

After a couple weeks of begging and promising him that I would follow the program and listen to him without taking it as criticism… he still refused. So I did what any wife would do in that situation I opened up my own Chase credit card and bought the book so he had no choice but to make me a program

Anyway that is how I have found myself on this new training path. I am going to be turning 30 in 3 months (march 18th) and my goal is to be in the best possible shape I can be in by then. I want to get professional photos taken of me (and hopefully Ryan will be in them as well) and I want to just have them so I can look back some day with my kids and grandkids and show them that I did do that I stuck with it was disciplined enough and I did it.

And I want to not have so many injuries. I only have this body and it has many years yet to get me through so I dont want to do damage now that will cost me time away from my family down the road while I am laid up from surgeries. Plus I want to prove my husband wrong. I want to be able to stick with this style and not resort back to circuit training style like he assumes I will.

I can do it

That was my first post on bb.com now I am 3.5 weeks in and down 10 lbs.

Non Lift Day Meals

Meal 1
1 Serving Whey Protein Myo Fusion chocolate is what I am using now
2 Jamie Eason’s pumpkin spice pancakes

approx 300 calories

Please note when I say serving it is the serving that is recommended to me in my customized nutrition plan. I do not list grams because I want to deter anyone from thinking my caloric requirements and needs are the same as theirs. Everyone has different goals and our bodies run differently as well so tht is why you will see serving and when you do the math in your head from the amounts on the package it wont add up I am just speaking of my serving size:)

Normally I would just edit my meals so they appear on one post but I do not see how you can add the individual photos of the meals. If anyone wants to show me how by all means but until I learn a better way…

Meal 2 non lift day

1 Serving Chicken
2 JE pumpkin pancakes
1 Serving JE Carrot Protein Cake

320 Calories

**I just made Jamie Easons Carrot Protein Cake to add to my Taste Tested and Approved blog on Facebook. It is good. Moist even though I think I over cooked it and just sweet enough. I added a splash of vanilla when I preppared the batter along with 3 extra drops of stevia to add a little more sweet.

Looking good 2020!

[quote]hlss09 wrote:
Looking good 2020![/quote]

Thank you so much! Keeps me motivated!

Meal 4 non lift day

1 Serving Chicken
3 Servings Avocado
1 tomato

280 Calories

Its been a long day been going since 2 am but got a lot accomplished, had some good LI Cardio this am, tested out a recipe for my blog with my daughter, blogged and marketed all while chasing after 3 kids under 3 (one is neighbors;)

I am very happy with how today turned out I was nervous beings I had a case of insomnia bad last night but just starting to come down and wrap up some posts then chill with the hubby while he works online:) Goal oriented but as long as we are together thats all that matters to me!

My final meal of the day I will not be online to post I will set my alarm and wake at 10pm to have 1 serving of 1% Cottage Cheese and 3 servings of walnuts with a sprinkle of Truvia 250.

I will be hitting the hay soon after Ryan gets home cardio will come soon (4:30 tomorrow morning) but its my favorite time of day. Going to the gym and watching the news, catching up on gossip mags left behind and just having that hour to be by myself not think not answer when called mommy 3 million times a day lol just go through the motions and really chill:) Definately my most favorite part of my day so 4:30 whenever doesnt matter:)

Night all! Here is my last Press video that I made on the 19th of January. It has some glitches I am having problems with my movie maker program but it works;)