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Fat Loss with 1 Lung?


i had lung cancer they removed left lung. question is methods of fat loss w/ less lung capacity what should i do.can do farmers walks. steady elliptical. intense shit is scary feel like i’ll never recover.ex… just walking stairs kills me.

1 Lung. How to Increase Conditioning, Run 1 Mile?

Props for surviving.

Reeealy ease into over a few months. Take zero risks.

This walking plan is very low impact and suprisingly effective…


What can you do, meaning are you cleared for 100% unrestricted training or did the doctor(s) give you guidelines to follow?

If they said to do whatever you can, then start like any other deconditioned beginner would, slow and steady with gradual progress according to your abilities. If they said to avoid anything specific (higher intensity or whatever), then do what the docs said until you get the okay to start pushing things more.


thanks for the input. i am cleared to do anything i just can"t do certain things no stamina.weightlifting is good because of the rests I can take, intense method leave me whipped out.did start the walking program,i think it will be good,do heavy bag work 1:1 ratio,tried the row machine can do it not sure how 2 do it for fat loss.also can do the elliptical but I to good at it now.got to change the method.the stair mill is a killer.after work hard. thank you for your concern.


Good to hear. Since you’re clear to train and the only limit is your current conditioning, then treat yourself like a “beginner” and just get back into a routine with gradual progression. No worries.

[quote=“little_joe, post:4, topic:225576”]
heavy bag work 1:1 ratio[/quote]
If you’re working the bags, I usually have people start with a 1:2 ratio, like 30 seconds work with 1 minute rest, then bump it to 1:1 (60 seconds each) after a few weeks.

That walking routine is also solid. Whatever specific cardio workout you do, it’s fine to go low intensity as long as you’re consistent. High intensity stuff is great, but don’t feel like it’s necessary.


Yes I also lost a lung to cancer almost 4 years ago. I started to do cardio, walking on treadmill and riding a bike. Started out easy, light workouts built up to 30 minutes. Still do 30 minutes of cardio everyday, 7 days a week. Set incline to 8% at 3.4 mph now, bike at level 14. Plus I do 1 hour of weight lifting. Lost about 30 lbs. Don’t give up exercise is one of the best ways to help fight cancer. I also ran/walked a 5K last November. Good luck


Just suggesting the idea that if you do the walking, a light and increasingly made heavier pack might be cool. Just don’t do what I did and load 25kg into a rucksack and barely make it half a mile.


I wear a 30lb ruck and use the treadmill incline to regulate my HR. I can do a long workout without taking that many steps which keeps the wear and tear down.


just read your post,all thats awesome i am training for a 5k now. thanks for the inspiration.