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Fat Loss While Working Irrregular Hours

To give some background information, I was on V-diet few months ago, and cut to 15% BF. However, ever since I’ve worked in the air force (NOT in US), my working hours had been irregular. Well, the work practice in my place is that we gotta finish our tasks before we take a break, so it’s rather tough to eat regularly. Besides, we do not have refrigerators that I can keep my cooked foods in. And there my foods go contaminated. I know shakes are a good choice, but again, I’m on budget. If there is any air force guys, or anybody with similar problems, please share with me your way to cope with it. Many thanks to you good guys out there.

try protein bars?

if they are too expensive for your budget, try making them. its not that tough, and you can customize portions to your needs.