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Fat Loss While Training Cube?

Long time lurker here, so I’ll give a little background. I’m about halfway through my most recent Cube Kingpin cycle and I am seeing pretty good results so far. I have a vacation coming up at the beginning of August (right around the end of my cycle). I would like to look my best I am probably sitting around 20-23% BF but that is just an estimate. My diet is pretty clean already usually around 80% clean and I almost always under my daily calorie target. I’m just reaching out to see if anyone has any additional tips to help cut some unwanted weight?

Eat 98% clean.

That means if you have 4 meals a day you get 1 per week that’s not “clean”.

Assuming you’re getting proper protein and enough carbs/fats to sustain your training just add in 20-30 minutes of LISS 1-2x a week.

You can lose fat while still training hard but pick a focus, chasing 2 rabbits is largely futile.


Thanks for the quick reply, I’ll up my clean eating game and try to add another cardio session in each week. I know chasing two rabbits isn’t ideal, that’s why I’ve been adding in additional stuff slowly.

Cutting while running a peaking program is a bad idea. You won’t make good progress and you could end up losing a lot of muscle. Under normal circumstances, you would want to train like you are trying to build muscle (more reps, more volume, not hard triples and singles) when you are cutting.