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Fat Loss While Injured

Hey everybody. I’m just wondering about a workout program/diet/figuring caloric intake for getting a bit more cut up without much cardio. It sounds like it would be out of the question but as I’m currently recovering from a torn achilles I can’t run or bike, though I may be able to do the latter a little in a few more weeks.

The hard cast comes off this Friday but I still will have to take it relatively easy for a few months. I’m guessing I’m in the high teens BF% wise, and I’d like to not have to be embarrassed if I take my shirt off this summer. Also this injury has kept me at a relatively sedate activity level. HELP please! I will do anything the doctor will allow.

The only thing I can think of his to consume a large amount of protein and limit carbohydrates like sugar. I recently recovered from an ankle injury and couldn’t walk for a month and it really didn’t affect me in terms of losing strength or gaining fat once I could be active again. Good luck on your recovery.

Obviously you want to eat less. I found doing various cable movements like standing pulls and wood shops was good for me when I was injured.

Expect to lose some muscle, but don’t make this a reason to get fat.

You’ve go chinups variations, presses and rows… and get on the swiss ball for some core conditioning. Jacknives, hammy curls, crunches, superman’s all worked wonders for me also. thereyre all full body and challenging if you know what good posture is.

Thanks for the help. I’ve also been alternating light weight high rep days with heavy weight lower rep days. Obviously I’m stuck with upper body movements only, and some core as well. I guess I’m going to have to crunch some numbers as far as calories taken in versus calories burned. I was hoping for a suggested PRO/CARB/Fat % for my intake. Thanks for any more suggestions.