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Fat Loss While Breast Feeding?


First,sorry for my poor englisch...I hope that you understand what I want to say...
Well, I have a short question about my wife...she works out now for about 5 month (doing weight lifting workouts and extra stuf like tabatas, metabolic circuit and so on) spread over the week.
She really really works her a++ off...is still motivated and "gives everything" in every workout)
The point is, she doesn't react the way she would like to.

She gets stronger (no doubt about it!),but she doesn't loose much body fat (we are testing with a body fat caliper).
Could it be that the body stores the fat because she's breast feeding(I mean my son loves the taste of protein in the milk :-))???

Thaks a lot for your answers...

Greetings from Germany
Frank + wife




First, is she also eating BIG? Most women only need to eat 300-500 calories above maintenance to maintain a milk supply. Think about what she ate before she was pregnant and add from there. It's not a lot of extra food. The main thing for me was to drink a lot of water everyday.

That said, I have known a couple of women who say they can't loose their baby weight until they stop breast feeding. People are different. Hormones happen. She will be better off for working out, regardless.


Well... Being the father of 9 who were breast feed... I'll throw in my observations...

Puff is right, everyone is different.

Are you two tracking her food intake? You might be surprised on how much a person takes in if you track all the snacks.

My ex was able to lean out after most of the kids. She had trouble with a couple of them.

And congrats to your family, Mataeng!