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Fat loss w/Meditropin

I am new to the forum, and was hoping to get some feed back or experiences or opinions on the meditropin product. There are claims involving the Green Bay Packers and other pro athletes which lend some credibility, but I would like to hear some views from here. My goal with this supplement is fat loss and overall well-being. I understand HgH can provide that. I do not have access to HgH so I was considering this as an alternative. Im 32 years old, athletic (not a bodybuilder) and healthy, im at around 25% and want to lose my gut! I’m already using some meal replacement and protein shakes a few times a day, combined with my activity seems to be working, but I want to rev it up. I do not lift weights.

Choosing an appropriate supplement is the least of your worries right now. Instead, you should be concerned with eliminating the words, “I do not lift weights.” from your vocabulary. You can do all the aerobic exercise in the world, but nothing can take the place of resistance training. You will find very quickly that you will lose just as much muscle as fat, and will wind up being a skinny, weak fat. If you don’t believe me, take one look at Jared from the Subway commercials or Richard Simmons. Also, do a search for “Meltdown Training” by Don Alessi in the Previous Issues section of this site. While the workout may not be right for you, he clearly shows why weight training is far more important than aerobic exercise in losing bodyfat. In short, diet is paramount, and next is resistance training (although you must treat it as though they are both 100%). Cardio should complement, not take the place of these two things. Rest assured that you’ve come to the right place; if you’re willing to put in the time to learn, everyone here will be more than happy to help. Read as many of the previous issues as you possibly can, and keep us posted on your results. Best of luck.