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Fat-loss vs price/Methoxy vs Tribex

So, I have decided to get rid of the blubber
20+ kilos of it(only good thing is that I am massively built so I carry it well(I?m 5?10" and 275 pounds)) I have in the past lost about 20 kilos and gained back ca 2/5s of it, I have been lifting for ca 10 years and having recently resumed my interest in martial arts(Krav Maga) and realized that I need to loose weight(also willing to loose some muscle mass) to become more explosive and quicker

Soooo… I am going to order 6 months worth of Myostat and T2-Pro but I am torn between buying methoxy or tribex the tribex is a bit cheaper pr. week and needs to be cycled, the methoxy however is a bit more expensive pr. week but is useable continously…

So given a 6 moth fat-loss program using Myo and T2 what product/combination of the two would be the best choice for me given that I am willing to loose a little meat in the quest for speed and fat-loss(I am not going to get skinny even if I get down to 5% fat sooo)


PS:My diet is already good with little sugar and refined food, low in carbs and high in protein(mainly from fish and foul)only thing that needs changing is that i need to eat more frequently and more calories/grams of protein pr. kilo bodyweight........



get your hands on md-6 and the original t-2 if you can. they are definitely available. as far as fat loss you should also want to increase muscle mass so you can increase your fat burners. follow the t-dawg diet, strictly!
i would say get your hands on some 4-ad-ec. if you can’t afford it go for the tribex-500 so you can boost your t levels. laters pk

Weeel I live in Norway and the ephedrine in the MD-6 will never make it rhrough customs an it is doubtfull that mag10 4-ad etc will either.
as far as wanting moree muscle to burn more fat…I weigh 275 pouds, i would with 0% fat weigh between 200 and 220 pounds. The amount of mass in my lower body(insert dirty comment here) is slowing me down(32 inch thigh?s…)
The reason I am thinking of methoxy is because it is more of a fat burner and quite frankly the prospect of gaining more muscle to my lower body scares me(did I mention that I was 5?10")although the raized(pun) T levels are…Tempting.

Does anybody here have any idea about the potential for tribex to be used to aid fat loss(used as prescribed in conjunction with T2, Myostat and M over a 6 moth period)?


PS: I will probably be getting M as well since I have T levels in the low area of the spectrum and the fat …“distribution” about my body(ass) tend to make me believe that i have to much estrogen in my system…
O, BTW: my diet…less than 30% of my callories come from carbs Is this good enoug for fat-loss purposes or do I have to go lower(I can comfortably manage getting them down to the 5-10% range)

go lower then 30% that’s too high, read the t-dawg article as i said. it has an outline. Since you said t levels were low, go with M and tribex. you need to raise the t levels to put on lean mass and burn fat. I would use Methoxy on the off days of Tribex. remember to focus on increasing your metabolism using High intensity cardio and weight training. have some patience and don’t cheat your self. laters pk