Fat Loss Transformation

Hi guys. I’m new to T-Nation so I decided to put this in the Beginners section. But I decided to lose some fat and basically look good with my shirt off. I’ve been lifting for a couple years but lately it seems that I haven’t been able to dial in my training and diet at the same time. So I talked one of the bodybuilder/trainer at the gym to help fine-tune things. My starting stats are 6ft, 210 lbs, 15-20% bf. Not looking to hit a bodyweight goal,I’d just like to be around 8% bf.

Training will be:
Mon: back/chest/abs
Tues: 30 min cardio
Wed: quads/shoulders
Thurs: 30 min cardio
Fri: back/chest/calves
Sat: hams/arms
Sun: 30 min cardio

Workout days- 2800 kcal, 280g Pro, 280g Carb, 65g Fat.
Nonworkout days- 2500 kcal, 280g Pro, 200g Carb, 65g Fat.

Any suggestions, criticism, support, etc is appreciated.

I’m super new to this myself, and have actually only been around here for a week asking the same sorts of questions… so take this with a grain of salt. But in the thousands of words I’ve soaked up from the various threads on the topics or articles by people like Christian Thibaudeau and Chad Waterbury etc., I would guess that you might want to dial back the carbs on both days and up the fats. Thibaudeau, for instance, recommends no more than 30g of non-green veggie carbs per day for maximum fat loss, whereas he suggests that there should be close ratio of protein to fat.

Someone who knows more will be along shortly, I’m sure.

I was concerned with the number of carbs as well but he said that the first couple of weeks are just a guessing game and we’ll see how my body reacts and make adjustments if needed.

5g creatine postworkout or in the morning on nontraining days
25g glutamine- 10g pre 10g post 5g before bed
60g maltodextrin postworkout

I’ll post pics later today.

Weighed in at 213 this morning.

I don’t have a digital camera so this is the best I can do.

Calories and carbs seem a bit on the high side for someone with your high bodyfat if rapid fat loss is the goal.

Training looks OK as far as the split goes, but maybe a HIT session or two during the week on lifting days, or 30 minutes of fast walking ( 50-60% AHR) in the morning and evening.