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Fat Loss Training Advice?

Hi CT. I have been watching your videos on spectrum ramping and ratchet loading. I can’t get enough of this technique.

I want to lift to gain muscle and strength but I also have a few pounds to lose. The problem is I can only dedicate 2 workouts a week as my schooling is very heavy. What’s the best way to go about training and what type of routine would be best. If I had to pick fat loss would be my Maine goal right now. Thansk

Doubtful you’ll get much of an answer. Not that CT doesn’t know/care, it’s because your question is terribly vague and CT isn’t able to write individualized programs for everyone who asks.
There are 1,000s of training programs on this site. Read away…

I know he doesn’t have that much time. I figured since I stated that I can only train 2 days a week that he might have said maybe focus on 2 full body workouts or maybe an upper lower split. And since I said I would like to stay strong maybe focus on a single strength movement and do accessory work or something of that nature. Maybe a comment on cardio or diet strategy with my limited availability. I’m not sure the best way so I thought he could point me in the right direction. I will work on my posts though to be more specific.

sounds like this belongs in Jim Wendler forum. He has many 2/week programs.

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Keep in mind CT is a world renowned coach who spends his time(while already super busy) answering people’s questions on here for free. That said, this:

Is a good way to get him to not want to answer your question. CTs said a dozen times that he finds it very disrespectful when people bump threads that he didn’t respond to quickly enough. Especially when you only wait a few hours to bump.

Anyways, if training two days a week, a full body routine would probably be good since you can hit each muscle group twice. Plus, with only two sessions a week you can up the volume without killing yourself. If the goal is to just cut a little fat while still trying to get stronger, a general set up of an A/B full body workout might look something like this:

Workout A:

  1. High pulls/ cleans if your comfortable with oly lifts

  2. back squat

3a) bench press
3b) rows

  1. assistance (just some easy “bodybuilder” work, whatever you want: bi/tris, shoulder raises, abs, calves, whatever. Just pick a couple and get after em)

  2. conditioning (again, whatever you want. It can be either easy conditioning: 30 minutes on the bike, walking on a high incline treadmill, weight vest walks, etc. or hard conditioning finisher: sprints, farmers carries, pushing a prowler, etc. )

Workout B:

  1. front squat

  2. Deadlift/RDL/ TBDL

3a) OHP
3b) pull ups/ lat pull down

  1. assistance

  2. conditioning

This is just a rough guideline since we don’t know anything about you (age, training history, stats)

I wrote an answer but saw that you reposted the question in a new thread… after bumping this one. This is the biggest sign of disrespect for me so I deleted my answer.


Thank you sir. Appreciate the Input.

What’s the rationale for the chest back ss I’m the middle of the program? It’s a nice twist on straight set training.

Lol "sir"s not necessary. Im just some random gym bro on the internet :joy:

As far as the supersets, just a matter of personal preference really. You can do em seperate if you want. I like supersetting because it cuts down on total time in the gym, helps build work capacity, and I’ve gotten some pretty serious pumps off antagonist supersets(chest/back, bis/tris, etc.) I pretty much superset anything that’s not oly lifts (idek if high pulls and power cleans from the hang are even considered “oly lifts” but you get the idea), squats, or deads

There’s a lot more knowledgeable people on here that can give you much better replies if you give a lot more details. Cuz this and your other thread are both very vague.

How old are you?
Height/weight/body comp?
Strength levels?
How long have you been training?
What type of training?
Athletic background?
Current nutrition? Cals? Macros?
If you read a lot of CT do you know your neurotype?
What are your actual training goals? (Not just “lose a few pounds” or “gain muscle and get strong” real, definitive goals)

If we know this stuff we can give you much better advice

CT. How could one optimize fat loss only being able to train 2 days a week?

An upper lower split? Full body?

I was thinking of following your ratchet loading Andy force spectrum videos posted. Sticking to a main compound lift and an accessory movement. Any advice would be helpful. Thanks

I answered in your first thread, but now I think I might go and delete my answer, Reposting a question is to me one of the most disrespectful thing a forum member can do. Not only did you repost your question, but you also bumped it up in the first thread.

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Well I have never used a forum in my life. I don’t know what bumping is. I reposted a question to try and make it more specific because a person commented on my last one and said you wouldn’t answer because it was to vague of a question.

You could have rephrased your question in the original thread.