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Fat Loss Tips for My Plan

Hello guys,

I had a DEXA scan at the end of this week and got really horrifying numbers. That’s why I want to reduce my body fat before starting a new cycle for mass gain.
Sadly my nutrition wasn’t the only mistake I did the couple of last weeks… I also made a big mistake in training to often and to hard.

Followed an old 6 days per week plan from Arnold Schwarzenegger with very high volume and intensity.

I had to stop this plan during the 8th week because my body “crashed”. My strength greatly decreased, I hurt my shoulders and got a small inflammation at my left bizeps tendon.
After this I stopped this kind of training.

During this cycle I ate around 3900 kcal at which my body weight stayed for one month exactly the same. Because I was kind of frustrated for not gaining any weight, I ate the last two weeks above 4500 kcal to gain some weight.
I did indeed gained some weight in these two last weeks but that was probably just 3-4 pounds of fat.

My stats before the cycle:

Weight: 185 pounds
Body fat: 15% (estimated)

My actual stats from the DEXA scan:

Weight: 188 pounds
Body fat: 18,6%
Fat weight: 33,72 pounds
Resting Metabolic Rate: 1688 kcal/day

My idea for my next steps would be the following:

As training system I like the idea of CTs “look like a bodybuilder and perform like an athlete” because I love high frequency training.

Also I hope it’s good for fat loss purpose as I can train quite often.
I would add 1-2x conditioning sessions at the end of a workout and would go 2-4x times per week for a walk.

I suggest my maintenance should be 2700 kcal/day according to my activity level.

That’s why I want to eat 2300 kcal/day with 30/30/40 fat/carbs/protein.

My goals are:

  • maintaining muscle mass
  • maintaining strength or a slight gain
  • body fat around or less than 12%
  • loose 1 pound per week

My questions:

  • Is my caloric goal to low?

  • Does this kind of training fit to my diet?
    Too much conditioning or should I do even more?

  • Which reduction in pounds is achievable without significant loss in muscle mass?

Thanks for reading and any tips :slight_smile:

Thibs Athlete Lean Athlete strong would be better for your goals

2300 is a decent number to shoot for. If you’re at 19% bf though you should probably lower carbs a little and substitute with more fat. Say, instead of 30/30/40, you could try 20/40/40 and if you’re still not droppin bf you could go even lower at 15/45/40. Thib’s “Refined Physique Transformation” is a great source of info for dropping fat

Thanks for the advice so far.

There might be a problem with my RMR, because they may scanned me with a wrong profile…
A buddy of mine told me the values seems a bit of track for him as he knows my body composition. I’ll check it within the next few days.

I have another problem as I can’t continue training as normal due to my inflammation at the left biceps tendon. My doctor told me I have to rest it at least two weeks.
Any suggestions what kind of training I could do for these two weeks without using my biceps tendon?

I cant’t do overhead work, deadlift or anything that puts indirect tension at the tendon.
The problem is I can’t even squat without putting tension on it :-/
If figured out I could do squats with the smith machine (without arms around the bar) or train calfs/hamstrings/quads on machines.

So should I do every other day some low body work and some conditioning on an airdyne bike?
Or any other workout suggestions to fit with the diet? Nonetheless I guess I will lose some muscles on my upper body.

Yeah just do this, let the injury heal. Muscle loss will be negligible