Fat Loss the Testosterone Way

I know this site is aimed at “Muscle with Attitude”, but is anybody interested in talking about “Fat Loss with Attitude?” I don’t mean losing 5 lbs for a show, I mean serious 50-100lb, “I’m tired of being a lard-ass”, morbidly obese, “Fat Fast”-needing kind of fat loss. I read this site for insight into nutrition, biology and physiology as well as weight lifting technique. I’ve learned more about hormonal mechanisms and fat storage here in a couple months than any other place in the last 10 years. I’m now tailoring my diet, trying to keep a food log and starting a German Body Comp-like program using principles I learned here. Is there anybody else who is here for the same reason and would care to share any unusual fat loss “secrets”?

I'll throw this one out for starters. As I gained fat over the years, my simple snoring became full-fledged sleep apnea. (This is when you actually stop breathing in your sleep.) When I got a CPAP machine to prevent that, I slept much better and immediately lost about 10 lbs. The sleep doctor says some people lose weight when correcting their apnea. From what I've learned here, I suspect this is because of better GH release at night.

Has anybody else experienced anything out of the ordinary that helped with massive fat loss? Anybody succeed and have guidelines / tricks to share?

Okay, I’m just going to throw something out here and see what every one thinks. One theory on sleep deprivation and weight gain: When some one is sleep deprived, their body is in a constant state of low-ebb, trying to go to sleep all the time. This produces a low metabolic rate, and hence doesn’t utilize stored energy (fat or glycogen) as well, which makes it accumulate as fat. Also, one tends to eat to stay awake. Does this sound remotely possible as an explanation? Kind of jibes a little with this cure of sleep apnea resulting in 10lb weight loss. Any ideas?

Who only loses 5 lbs for a show?