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Fat Loss Supplements?

I’ve been doing TRT for almost a year now and can definitely tell the difference in my sex drive as well as dropping 25 lbs. I stop lifting due to having a long over due surgery that i put off for a while I am doing intermittent fasting and following a pretty healthy diet. I will back lifting again in 2 weeks and looking for help. I am 48 , 6 1 and 250 lbs with a body fat of 23. I am looking to drop to 230 and on a pretty good track. I want to continue to drop the weight and tone up. Is there a stack that you can recommend or is there one particular supplement that can help me win the belly fat war.

I would say honestly get back into the gym lifting heavy 3-4 days a week and sprinkle in some cardio like walking or a day of HIIT. Keep your diet 80% clean protein, fats, and carbs, cut out fried food and sweets mostly, and limit booze as much as you can. Asses in 2 months. Supplements are for micro tuning and you need to make these macro (pun!) changes first and will see good results.

That being said a good fish oil is a must and probably a multi and vitamin D if you’re deficient.

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Thanks. I am on fish oil as well as a multi and vitamin D.

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Yeah so make those lifestyle changes and you should see big changes in your physique. You’re going from 0-100 and will reap the rewards.

Thanks again

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Agree with @NH_Watts and I’ll add my own diet, as I’ve seen absurd health and body comp benefits over the last year. For example. I used to have to take Lipitor, and now all my cholesterol levels are literally better than the standard while I’ve dropped the statin. I think my cholesterol risk profile is now something like 1/4 of the average male’s risk.

  • Tuna, Chicken, Salmon
  • Leafy greens
  • Sweet potatoes or rice for carbs
  • Peanuts, Almonds, nut butters
  • Avocado oil for cooking
  • Iodized salt

That’s it, and no bullshitting around, and no sissy cheat days. And no alcohol. Sometimes I’ll throw in some lentil pasta or beans or black olives if I get bored. And don’t do anything stupid to your chicken and fish, either, like adding cheese. Just cook it in avocado oil and salt.

If you eat like this and track your macros strictly for a year, you will look, feel, and blood test like a million bucks. Your skin and hair will look and feel better. Your blood sugar levels will get sorted out. Your blood pressure will drop.

I thought I would “diet” for six months and be done. Now I can’t imagine eating all the bullshit normal people shove down their throats. I don’t even want red meat, and I definitely don’t want your bread.

I’ll second the fish oil as well. 3 grams of a high quality oil should prop up your HDL, although you should just eat fish every day.

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What’s your beef with red meat (get it?)

As stated above, eating clean is key. I recently tried the “maintenance diet” of a physique competition friend. Fresh vegetables, spinach, lean meats, raw almonds, white rice etc. I only lasted one strict week, but that was enough time to train myself to pick the proper foods, portions and ratio. Now I wing it and am still losing fat while putting on muscle.

If you aren’t exercising strenuously and doing some HIIT a couple times a week, you’ll obviously need to be more strict with your diet.

If you are serious about trimming out, booze has to go.

If you are hitting it hard in the gym, BCAAs will probably help you. If you need to ignite your fire, mix some beta alanine in with your coffee before you workout.

These supplements probably have nothing to do with losing weight, but I take daily:

Vitamin A (beta carotene powder)
Vitamin B complex
Vitamin C (powdered absorbic acid)
Vitamin D3
Vitamin E

Before bed:
Magnesium glycinate powder
Tryptophan powder (thanks to @dextermorgan for the idea, it’s helped my sleep quality immensely)

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Yeah I also take magnesium in the evening - I’ve found it really helps with muscle and mind relaxation. I don’t have anything against red meat other than it has a lot more fat content than lean meats and a good bit of cholesterol. I have a much easier time hitting my macros while cutting when I eliminate red meat.

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I’d love to see a before and after (or just after if that’s all you have).

I’ll have to track down some pics when I have some time. I’m still struggling with removing the last 15 pounds (I think this is due to low T and sub clinical hypothyroidism), but I’m down a total of about 65 pounds in a year and a half. I started building muscle just on the lean protein alone even before I started strength training. My skin was in awful shape - breakouts and rashes. Systemic inflammation was through the roof, which is immediately uncomfortable for sure, but is also a sentence to early cardiovascular disease. Insulin sensitivity was shit. So much has been brought under control and healed just by eating on this diet.

It’s all very obvious in hindsight, but when you’re raised on a shit southern diet it’s easy to develop unhealthy attachments. If you complain about your dog’s skin condition (or anything else) to a vet, what’s the first thing they say unanimously? Change the feed to something higher quality.

When people who haven’t seen me in years ask me what I’ve done (it’s apparently that obvious), I tell them to feed themselves with at least as much care as they would give to a race horse.

are you training fasted too ? if not, you should add this ! it will force your body to use the fat for fuel and burn it way faster

Thanks bro

Faster training’s not necessarily necessary. I do it, because it works for my schedule and I don’t feel like my workouts suffer, but you don’t HAVE to.

Look into Carnivore.

Frmr 0311

you asked about supplements and i am totally not answering your question here but since your my weight class heres my experience for what its worth. for reference im 6’4"

supplement your food and water with road work and gym work, nothing more.

seven years ago bulked from 225 to 265 chasin guns. was not a clean bulk, was going 999% in the gym and eating 999% calories and built muscle and also a good chunk of chunk.
i was on Jim Stoppanis shortcut to size, which is not necessarily a bad workout but its really just a sales gimmic to buy a bunch of shit you dont need. most supplements are.

(excuse inbound!!!) then i hit a busy patch in life and didnt make time to work out. that muscle turned to fat, so i was the heaviest and fattest i ever been.

i cut down to 235 then yoyod back 265
down to 235 up to 255
down to 230 up to 255 each time it was a four month cut, stay down a month or so then wouldn’t you kno it back up for six months.

now i am back down to 225. and have been for maybe two years.

i did cut out beer on the cut every time

you gotta stoke that metabolism fire, that means you gotta eat and work.

what i would do for this is AM 2 mile jogs 2 x week, 6 mile jogs 1x week, and the weekend long hike

i lifted during this time too and my workouts 2x week were medium difficulty but 1x a week it would be very intense and i would feast after that workout and eat decent the following day. this stoked my metabolism and then the rest of the week i was at my calorie deficit

i would eat 1600 kcal on the light days, probably lost muscle on the cut

the only supplement i used and kinda liked was bcaa for when a workout that was insufficiently fueled and i dont think that even really helped.

drink water and save your money. you dont need a bunch of supps you just need to vary your kcal and match it to your work output, and to put in some road work.

dont buy green t supplements, drink green tea
dont buy creatine, eat red meat
basically eat simple real foods that are not engineered and drink a lot of water.

supplement your food and water with road work and gym work, nothing more.

u can see my cut in my log on here if it helps. good luck worth it, mobility and conditioning are way better, plus easer on the ticker. effort over time equals results, u got this

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As a former fat guy, I can honestly say it’s diet all the way. Exercising for fat loss is an inefficient use of time and, more importantly, energy. Note: I said ‘fat loss’. To improve cardiovascular fitness and conditioning, is a different goal.

The fact is, there are a few ‘supplements’ that have been proven to help with the process, mainly thermogenics such as green tea, capsaicin, etc. Some that can help with insulin sensitivity, e.g. berberine, cinnamon, etc. Then there is the ‘jury’s out’ category, where I would include substances like forskolin, ursolic acid, etc. And finally, the ‘more harm than good’ category, e.g. excessive caffeine, yohimbine.

Thanks for the info. DIET is being addressed

Suffer from what ? I train way better when fasted and like i said for someone who its not easy to loose fat.fasted training force the body and readapt the body to use fat for fuel

I said I do often train fasted because for me, it doesn’t negatively affect my workouts, but that one doesn’t need to in order to lose fat.