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Fat Loss Supplements While Bulking


Hey guys,

Just wondering if taking fat loss supplements while bulking is a good idea to keep the fat off. Obviously might have to eat more.

I have HOT-ROX & T2 right now. I haven't actually tried them yet so I sort of wanted to.


Well, many of the mechanisms of action will be countered by a high calorie diet. For example, you probably won't need a metabolic boost.

However, at the same time, if part of the action is to make it more difficult to create and store fat, then you might end up helping the muscles get more of the calories you consume.

Anyway, I think this is partially why they recommend something like Carbolin 19 for the bulking phase. For me, it helps boost my appetite, and I believe it helps slow down the process of storing fat.

It's been a while since I've read the literature on it, so anyone out there feel free to correct me if I'm mistaken.


Yea, CW told me that, in sipplest terms, Carbolin 19 acts as a nutrient partitioner. IE: it helps send nutrients to where you want them (muscle cells) and not to where you don't (fat cells).

I'd save the HOT-ROX and the like to full-on cutting phases. Unless, of course, you're filthy rich. In that case I'd suggest just using everything under the sun, year round.


Sounds good but you may want to lose the Hot-Rox and get some Spike, I think it sits better on an empty stomach.

Add some Whey, so that you can have some good protien so that your body dosen't feel like it should go into "store" mode. I have lost a few lbs real fast by adding Whey and burning 1650 cal every 4 days on a tread mill - good burn!

make sure you have some really motivational music and go burn 1500 calories - it does a body good! make sure you get plenty of protien, use Spike, and get plenty of rest and hit the tread mill for 1600 calories every 3 to 4 days.

you'll be glad you did!


he said he wants to bulk why would he do 1700 calories worth of cardio...no one should ever do that much cardio hes not going to run a marathon is he why the hell would he run for 3 hours???? dont do cardio on a bulk its counterproductive...

just eat clean and take a stimlunat liek eca stack not sure about the fatloss while bulking seems logical 2 problems is that you wont be hungry and have to eat more than usual and eating like 6000 thousand calories is hard enough right the ECA will give you a better increase in strength though


yeah fat off while bulking the way to do that is not cardio the way to do that is proper diet cardio jsut makes you eat more... 1600 in 90 minutes what does it say that on the treadmill you have to realize those arent accurate at all you burn around 600 calories per hour of running so my quess of 3 hours was accurate what do you run at top speed for 90 minutes haha...

cardio is jsut a dumb idea you...that 1600 calories that the person burns would have to be made up in diet so the guy will have to eat what another 10 cans of tuna that seems a little hard dont you think...so think before you post stupid ideas this guy would probably listen to that stupid notion and end up losing muscule mass...

eat clean while bulking, vegetables fruits whole grains...do a bulk in the winter so it doesnt matter how fat you are thats when i bulk...cut when you have too. be in a relationship before a bulk so you wont care if your fat when your bulking and youll eat more...also dont listen to this other guy i think he is mentally retarted


Ok here is my theory:

Lets say I take a combination of supplements that burn an extra 500 calories, and I eat an extra 500 clean calories. While the supplements burn mostly fat, wouldn't the calories I eat to account for the calories the supps burn be more likely to go to at least a little muscle?

This relates to John Berardi's G-Flux theory. More calories burned and taken in, the better your physique.


whatever bro your saying to do 2000 calories worth of exersize that is retarted like come on even if the more calories you take in and burn mostly fat your still going to have to take in 200 extra calories when its much easier to just eat cleanly and not gain fat...yeah i was outta shape 3 months ago when i started lifting again now im 8 percent body fat and i didnt have to do 2000 calories worth of cardio i barely did any i just ate clean. i bet you've been working out for years and the only time you get gains is when you juice it big guy...you know why thats the only time...cause you do redick amounts of cardio read every article on this website nowhere does it say to do more than 30 minutes of cardio ... unless you want to lose muscule mass. honestly read some of the articles and go inject yourself and gain 5 pounds.