Fat loss supplements w/o stimulants

Who out there has had success with fat loss products that do NOT contain stimulants? The problem is that I have recently developed wicked untolerable heartburn with ephedrine/caffeine based products.

Where to turn?

I’m currently in a cutting phase and am working on shedding that last 2-3%. T2 has done little for me to this point (1 month) and I eat using the t-dawg 2.0 principles.

Any and all personal experiences that have yielded positive results please reply and thanks for your comments.

BodyIQ, first off, I am not a big fan of thermogenics in general. In fact, I’ve just recently weaned myself off of Thyroid USP (a T3/T4 combo), which is not a thermogenic, but it is the same type of crutch.

But I tell you what, try one thing for me as an experiment. Go to ye local health food store and purchase what is called DGL. It’s a type of licorice that is extremely effective in treating heartburn. I hate to say it, but for greatest effectiveness, you’re supposed to chew it, and I really don’t like the taste. But if it works???

Other than that, my vote goes for fasted-state cardio. I can’t think of any more effective thermogenic on the market. And it’s really cheap, too! (wink)

The thing is that at your low BF%, every point is going to be a battle. Good luck to you!!!

I am using DGL right now as I think you made a recommendation earlier. Seems to do the trick although I don’t use it ALL of the time. Thanks for the suggestion.

Fasted state cardio…That’s the only way for maximum fat loss.

Oh yeah, those last few digits are going to be tough to shed. But it will happen :)!

BodyIQ, if you really want to take that ECA stack, maybe try taking the licorice with it? In general, I’d probably save the DGL for times I needed it, maybe a certain type of food I loved and couldn’t resist, that just really set me off.

Anyone tried 7-keto as a fat burner? Or something like the lean system 7? could help, cant say ive tried them tho…

I do have the same problem whit termogenics that contain White Willobark. Hoewer if I use only E/C or a brand that don’t include WW in the formula I am fine.

I’ve had moderate success using green tea extract combined with ginko biloba and guarana extract.